Pushpa Impossible 26th July 2022 Written Update: Susheela gives the agreement copy to Pushpa.


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The episode starts with Pushpa saying Saran about Rashi worried about something. Rashi sees the message and finds that its extra class circulation message. Saran calls Rashi with him to jog. They both starts jogging and Rashi asks why they are jogging all of the a sudden in a rough path. Saran says one shouldn’t hesitate to overcome hurdles and avoiding it doesn’t help anyone. He advises her to face any problem. Rashi agrees that she does have problem but she can handle it. Saran says she’s Pushpa’s daughter who knows well to put up a fight. He asks her to come to him if she needs any help and Rashi agrees. He leaves while Rashi gets into thinking.

Pushpa finds Peon struggling to handle so many files and warns but he still drops it off. She scolds him for not taking help but Peon says that he don’t want people to think that he’s inefficient. Pushpa says that it’s not necessary for people to be termed weak just because they get help from others. She says that when one gets help from anyone the next day they will help another person. She make him carry his files with under arms and the Peon calls her Mahaan. She says she’s a Maa who carry children and vegetables together and has experience in it. Peon leaves thanking her. Saran comes there and Pushpa asks if he found something but Saran says no.

Pushpa is worried about Ashwin’s marriage expenses. Susheela comes to Pushpa and gives her the agreement copy. Pushpa gets extremely shocked and happy seeing it. She hugs Susheela and goes speechless with her love for their friendship. She gets worried Bapodhara would find it out but Susheela asks her not to worry about it and save the house. Pushpa feels blessed to have people like Susheela in her life. Ashwin is giving oil massage to Pushpa while Chirag is making tea for everyone. Ashwin gets Manish’s call who invites Pushpa and family for wedding shopping and have dinner with them. Pushpa agrees to come and is worried about the expenses. She says that she wish it gets resolved just like house issue. Everyone gets shocked hearing it when Pushpa shows them the agreement copy given by Susheela. They all gets happy. Rashi gets Aryan’s call who threatens her to apologize in front of everyone.

Pushpa gives the copy to Aamir Bhai who says that the recording and agreement is enough for them to win the case. Pushpa wishes that Susheela doesn’t land in problem because of her. Xerox shop person comes to Bapodhara to give the missed page from the agreement copy which was given by Prarthana. Bapodhara checks it with the original copy and finds that Its Pushpa’s agreement. He angrily confronts Prarthana and is about to hit her when Susheela steps forward saying that it was her who asked her to make the copy. Bapodhara throws Susheela out of the house.

On the other hand, Pushpa prays for God to shower his mercy forever on Susheela. Next day everyone gets to know about Susheela getting thrown out by Bapodhara and Chirag consoles Prarthana. Prarthana says about her mother spending the whole night in Bhavana’s shop. Pushpa comes to her and hugs her.

Precap : Pushpa will want to return the copy to Bapodhara for Susheela but Mahendra will say against it as its her last hope to rescue her house. Sonal and Manish will also advise Pushpa to not return the copy for Susheela.

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