Pushpa impossible 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Mansi decides to help Pushpa and her family


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The episode starts with Kaaku inquiring Pushpa whether ACP is aware of this matter. She tells her that Devi is ACP’s friend. So she is helping her secretly in this matter. Kaaku tells her it’s a good thing. Sonal says to Pushpa that Devi is a famous lawyer. Her daughter was also kidnapped along with Raashi. So she wouldn’t sit quiet and fight back. Meanwhile, Devi says to Dileep that he joined his hands with the wrong person. Dileep assures her to release her daughter after he gets bail. Devi asks him what if he doesn’t release her after he gets bail. She is just a trump card to him, but she is her daughter. Don’t forget that. Raashi was also kidnapped along with her. She is his daughter. She leaves from there after saying it. Dileep says that Pushpa will make an effort to release him to save her daughter. He wishes to save Raashi to make her believe that he saved her. Then she will forget the hate of him. He wishes to use this situation to favour him.

Pushpa packs Raashi’s school bag and gets anxious. Sonal tells her that Raashi will definitely return home tomorrow. Pushpa says that she knew it. She recalls the past. The way she consoled Raashi and helped her come out of her fear. Pushpa thinks that Raashi may be struggling alone. She may be praying for Durga maa to save her. Sonal tells her that every mom is a Durga maa to their daughter. Devi had already become a Durga to save her daughter. Meanwhile, Raashi mocks at the goons for tying Roshan’s leg. She asks them are they scared of children. Why are they trying her leg? Goons warn them don’t try to escape. He will shoot at them. Roshan appreciates Raashi for behaving boldly and practically in such situations. She adds that Devi taught her self-defence to use such situations but she failed to do it. Raashi did it. Raashi tells her that her mom taught her this. She is pushpa impossible. She is missing her mom a lot. Roshan praises his mom too. Meanwhile, Vasundara meets Dileep in the jail.

She inquires him. Did he kidnap Raashi? Didn’t he behind her kidnapping? Did he want to stay in jail forever? Dileep tells her that he is taking advantage of this situation. Guru and Devi have problems with each other. He just helped the Guru to kidnap her daughter. Devi met him and assured him to take him out on bail. He is using her situation to get bail. This is the only option to come out. He assures her to return to them. Vasundhara asks him to leave it all. A sub-jailor takes him from there. Later, Maansi confronts Vasundhara in anger. She says to her that she faced many things after she came to India. He forged the certificates, cheating, murder, conspiracy and kidnapping case on him. Vasundhara asks her to wait until he comes out on bail. Everything will be alright. Maansi says that she was blind. That is why she doesn’t understand the situation. They shouldn’t be selfish like that. Vasundhara says that he is doing it for our family.

Maansi says that Pushpa’s family aren’t her relatives and she doesn’t have any connections with her. What sin did Raashi did to him? She is a child. She asks her to not forget that Ashwin donated his blood to Dileep. Pushpa saved his life. Chirag donated his bone marrow to him. They did a lot to save him, but what did he return to them? She tells her that she will help Ashwin to search for Raashi. Later, Pushpa scolds Aswin for contacting them even after she stopped him. She assures him that Devi is searching for her. She asks Deepti to stay with Aswin. She advises her to console him. Later, Aswin and Chirag miss Raashi and share their grief with Deepthi. Meanwhile, Pushpa meets ACP to inquire about Raashi. Devi informs Pushpa that Dileep is ready to help them. But he demanded her to take him out on bail. They need Dileep’s help to reach the 7 children. ACP says that they tried a lot to send him inside the jail but she was simply ready to take him out. Devi assures Pushpa to save Raashi. Devi talks with Dileep on the phone in front of ACP.

Episode end

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