Pushpa impossible 9th February 2023 Written Update: Chirag agrees to donate bone marrow.


Pushpa impossible 9th February 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Mansi and Vasundhara looking worried at Dharam who’s very critical. Dharam says that he has no hope as they would not help at any cost. Mansi and Vasundhara asks him not to lose hope. Bapodhara calls Mansi and says that all the issues got resolved and they can continue discussing about their redevelopment process. Mansi says that they are leaving India and even if they stay there is no way they would have tie up with him as once a cheater always a cheater. Dharam’s condition worsens and Doctor says that he has only 24 hours left to have donor to save his life. Pushpa, Ashwin ad Deepti comes to the same hospital to find Master ji. Pushpa gets shocked seeing Dharam carried away in stretcher and Vasundhara angrily lashes out at her for getting revenge on Dileep by taking his life. She angrily confronts if she’s there to see them in pain and leaves angrily. Pushpa leaves to meet Master ji who’s taken to operation theater for surgery. Chirag meets with Shashank agreeing to go ahead with the bone marrow transplantation but asks him to keep it a secret. Shashank says it’s the most important for them and assures to keep it a secret.

Bapodhara visits Mansi’s office and learns about Dharam in hospital. He decides to visit the hospital. Ashwin and Deepti come back home and Ashwin is not sure that if he would get the job. He feels helpless that he had to mortgage Deepti’s jewels. He says that the only option left for him right now is accept Sonal’s offer. Deepti is against it as Sonal can be very arrogant when it comes to work. Ashwin gives example of Mansi and assures that he can manage. Deepti says ok. DCP learns that Dharam’s condition s worse and still didn’t get the donor. She asks them to keep close watch on all the three as she recalls spotting Chirag with Shashank. Master ji’s surgery gets over successfully and Pushpa meets him. She assures that he’s fine when he says to her that he has took medical insurance. Pushpa learnt from Doctor that all the medical expenses will e covered with it. Bapodhara visits Dharam’s ward and gets shocked seeing Dharam wo is a replica of Dileep.

At school, Nanavati announces about the upcoming debate on Saturday on Generation Gap topic. He explains about it. Rashi meets with Saran Sir who asks her about Pushpa’s absence as her attendance percentage is very low. Rashi says about Master ji’s by pass surgery and that there is none for him there except them. Saran asks her to let Pushpa contact him if there is any thing he could help. Bapodhara wonders if he was right to see Dileep as from distance he does seem like Dileep. He’s about to go closer when he finds Pushpa looking worriedly there. Pushpa is worried whether Dileep got donor or not and wishes he leaves soon. She learns from security guard that Dileep didn’t get donor.

Precap : Shashank will say Chirag that it’s his last chance to earn 10 lakhs as few patients are very critical. He will say that he can save the patients and also can earn money. Pushpa will ask Bapodhara what is he doing there and Bapodhara will say that he came to meet Dharam Raidhan. He will ask if she know him and Pushpa will ask why would she know Dharam. Bapodhara will say that she has some close relationship with him.

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