Pushpa Impossible 8th February 2023 Written Update: Chirag decides to accept Shashank’s offer.


Pushpa Impossible 8th February 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Vasundhara getting disappointed knowing that Chirag turned down the offer. Rashi says her friend that she can’t accompany her for shopping. Chirag asks why can’t she join them for shopping. Rashi vents out her frustration on him that she couldn’t get the money. Pushpa scolds her for complaining about money despite knowing about the house situation. She scolds her for her attitude but Rashi leaves angrily without listening to her. Deepti controls Pushpa who’s furious at her. Deepti tries reasoning that Rashi is a kid but Pushpa asks why must only parents have to understand situations and says she’s not a small child to not understand what’s happening around. Deepti offers to give money to Rashi and Pushpa says that it’s not about money. She says that she needs to understand the struggle they go through in difficult times and act accordingly. Chirag sells his sketches with 60% discount to get money for Rashi.

Bapodhara mocks him but gets nose cut when customer buys it for the original price. Shashank sees it and thinks that Chirag will soon take Vasundhara’s offer. Chirag gives the money to Rashia nd Pushpa also gives the money. Rashi gets happy. Vasundhara finds about Chirag’s desperate need for money and thinks that he’s like Dharam and trusts him to contact him. DCP waits for Chirag or Ashwin to donate their bone marrow to Dileep Patel. Sonal calls Ashwin and says about her idea to open an interior designing firm. She offers him the job of creative designer and says she’s offering it to him out of pure professionalism. She says her vibes doesn’t match with Deepti like him. Ashwin agrees to think about it.

Ashwin shares it with his family and Deepti immediately asks him to not accept it. However Pushpa didn’t find it wrong to work for their own people and asks him to accept it. Pushpa gets a call and she get shocked. She informs that Master ji suffered heart attack and is getting transmitted through plane there. She says that he needs to go through bypass surgery and asks how much money would be needed for the same. Ashwin says that it takes at least 6-8 lakh a nd Pushpa wonders where to arrange the money. Chirag recalls Shashank’s offer. Pushpa shares the problem with Kaku and Kaku offers to give her savings. Pushpa says she can’t take it as it’s her savings for her old age care.

Deepti offers to mortgage her jewels but Pushpa is not ready to accept it too. Kaku says that Master ji’s life is priority now and asks her to accept Deepti’s offer. Pushpa gets ready to meet Master ji. Rashi leaves to school and Pushpa says that she can’t go with her today and Rashi says she can understand. Chirag asks if he can help in some way but Pushpa asks him not to a she don’t want him to be captured in another wrong job like fake passport. She says that they only have respect left and doesn’t want to lose it too. Chirag promises her that he won’t do any wrong thing. Later when everyone leaves, Chirag calls Shashank.

Precap : Bapodhara will see Chirag getting taken away in stretcher and also will find Pushpa in hospital. He will think that Chirag and Pushpa were helping Dileep Patel and will get shocked.

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