Pyaar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 27th February 2023 Written Update: Mandeep refuses to accept Pratiksha


Pyaar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 27th February 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Pratiksha asks Ravi why he is marrying her. Ravi says that he wants to see Pratiksha suffering. He calls the marriage different from any other regular marriage. He says that marriage does not only mean that two lovers have to stay together but two haters can also stay together due to marriage. He adds that everything is fair in love and war. Pratik requests Ravi to leave Pratiksha but fails. Hansa asks him to do something in order to stop the marriage. He and Hansa put sand in the fire. Hansa goes to Malhar and calls him useless for not being able to stop to the marriage. She asks him to learn something seeing Ravi’s determination and confidence. Malhar gets triggered. He picks up a gun and goes to shoot Ravi.

Pratik snatches the gun from his hand in order to stop him. Ravi asks Pratiksha to get ready for the last phera. Pratiksha tries to stop him but in vain. Aditya comes there and sees Ravi marrying Pratiksha. Malhar recognises Aditya and starts beating him in order to stop Ravi. Pratiksha asks Ravi to consider Aditya. Ravi doesn’t get affected. He sees Aditya is beating Malhar back and makes fun of him. Nupur gets a message and asks her family to check the live telecast on TV. Harneet gets worried seeing Aditya in footage. Gulshan reaches the saturation point and says he can’t take this anymore. He ends his long friendship with Ravi’s family and leaves with Manvi.

Ravi completes the last phera. He goes to tie Mangalsutra on her. Malhar tries to stop him. They indulge in a fight. Ravi manages to get the mangalsutra back and ties it on Pratiksha. He calls Pratiksha his wife and asks her to get ready for her destruction/punishment. Kinjal, Parul come there. They understand that Ravi has already married Pratiksha. Parul becomes happy and thanks God for granting her wish. Malhar calls the marriage invalid as Ravi didn’t take Pratiksha’s consent and married her forcefully. Ravi says that Pratiksha didn’t try to stop the marriage for once and they followed all the rituals religiously.

Police say that they have to arrest Ravi for forcefully marrying Pratiksha. Ravi puts his hands forward. Aditya meets Ravi. Ravi asks him to not worry as the marriage is completed. Police arrest Ravi and make him sit inside the police van. Ravi tells Keerti that his vengeance has just begin. Amardeep and Mandeep try to reach the location by car. They discuss about Ravi and Pratiksha. Mandeep says that she can’t believe the fact that Ravi has married killer Pratiksha. She says Pratiksha and her family might put pressure on Ravi to take this step.

Amardeep asks her to not defend Ravi as he is not a kid. Mandeep says that she will never accept Pratiksha as her daughter in law. Malhar, Pratik and Hansa try to reach the police station with Pratiksha. Pratiksha cries continuously. Malhar tells Pratiksha to not worry. Hansa says that she can’t see Pratiksha in this state. Pratik says that he will not spare Ravi for spoiling Pratiksha’s life. They reach the police station and come face to face with Ravi. The episode ends.

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