Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16th March 2023 Written Update: Bhusan threatens Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16th March 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Mohan tells Bhusan that the latter need not to leave the house. He tells Radha to go inside. Radha goes inside. Bhusan tells Mohan that this society will give respect to Radha only if the latter gave respect to Radha.

Later, Damini tells Kaveri that she will throw Radha out of the house. But their priority is papers now. Kaveri gives the papers to her daughter. Damini recalls that how she stole the papers from Radha’s bag.

On the other hand, Radha tells Mohan to not leave the room. Mohan tells her that she crossed all the limits today by hurting Kadambari. He threatens to leave the house if she don’t stay in her limits then and leaves from there. She tells herself that she also love Kadambari.

She thanks God for sending Bhusan. She tells Tulsi that she want to read those papers. Tulsi gets confused hearing Radha. Radha shows the phone to Tulsi. She recalls that how she clicked photos of those papers.

She prints those papers. Tulsi tells Radha that she is proud of her. Radha takes Google help to read those papers. She learns that Damini cheated in the business.

She says that she thought Damini and Kaveri are connected to Tulsi’s death but these papers don’t have any details about it. She asks God to help her. She learns that Damini took money from bank on Tulsi’s death day.

She says that she is sure Damini is connected with Tulsi’s death. She decides to visit Mohan’s office. Mask man hears everything. He tells himself that Radha is going on right path.

Damini burns those papers. Mohan comes there and asks that what’s burning. Kaveri makes an excuse. Damini tells Mohan that she is sleepy. Kaveri leaves the room. Damini is about to close the door. But Bhusan stops her and he notices Mohan. He gathers everyone in the hall.

Kadambari asks him that what happened. He asks her that if she is aware that Mohan sleeps in Damini’s room. Kadambari asks Mohan that if this is true.

Mohan tells Bhusan that he did not tell anyone about it. Bhusan tells him that the latter is committing sin. He orders Mohan to stay with Radha. Mohan tells him that he can’t do that and goes inside. Bhusan tells Kadambari that Mohan don’t have single good quality of husband.

He says that he can’t let injustice happen with Radha. He says that he will return to Delhi with Damini and Kaveri. Damini tells him that she won’t go anywhere. Bhusan tells Kaveri to pack the clothes. Kadambari supports Bhusan.

Damini tells Mohan to return to his room. Mohan tells Kadambari that he will sleep in his room so Bhusan need not to go anywhere. Radha smiles hearing him. Kadambari says that she can’t face Bhusan. She tells Kadambari that she will talk to Bhusan.

Ketki tells Radha to not go. But Radha goes to Bhusan’s room. She tells Bhusan that Mohan decided to sleep in his room so the latter need not to go anywhere. Bhusan tells her that he can see love for Mohan in her eyes.

He says that only women can love selflessly and Mohan is blind to not see Radha’s beauty. She thanks him for supporting her. He tells her that he is with her and hugs her.

Episode ends.

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