Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 19th November 2023 Written Update: Ketki opposes Kavita’s plan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 19th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kavita says that Radha and Mohan are smart people and they can act well in difficult situations too so they will execute the rescue mission. Ketki asks her to stop talking nonsense. She tells her to do her job instead of involving Radha and Mohan in all this. Rahul tells Kavita that Terrorists are dangerous people so she can’t involve his family in all this. He says that it’s Kavita’s duty to save the passengers.

In the flight, passengers sleep. Damini gets pissed off seeing Radha and Mohan sleeping. Radha wakes up and she tells Mohan to wake up. Mohan tells her that he want tea. Damini tells him that this is not his bedroom. Terrorist tells Mohan that he has bullet. Radha tells him to stay away from them because they did not disturb him. Mohan tells her to keep quiet. He apologizes to Terrorist on behalf of Radha. Radha reminds Mohan that today is Karwa Chauth. Damini taunts Radha for talking about Karwa Chauth. Mohan tells her to keep quiet. He tells her that he will kill her if she said anything then.

Radha asks Mohan that if he think Terrorists kept bomb in her bag. Mohan tells her that seems so because Terrorists keeping the bag with them safely. She feels bad that Terrorists using her bag for bad thing. She hears noise from Mohan’s stomach and she asks him about it. He tells her that he is hungry. She asks him that how can he think about food now. He tells her that he need strength to fight.

He informs her that he will keep fasting for her. She gets happy hearing him. She tells him to not keep fasting today because he is injured. He tells her to not keep fasting today if she don’t want then. She tells him that she will keep fasting for him for sure. Damini hears this and tells Mohan that she will also keep fasting for him.

Gungun tells her parents that she is hungry. Passengers tells Terrorist that they are hungry. Pregnant lady pleads Terrorist to give food. Terrorist tells them that they won’t get food. Everyone asks for food. Terrorist tells them to keep quiet. Mr. X and Bunty wakes up. Bunty tells pregnant lady to sit down. Pregnant lady refuses to sit. He is about to slap her but Mr. X stops Bunty. Mr. X tells passengers that they will get food.

Kavita tells Trivedis that they need someone’s help from flight. Ketki tells her that the latter can’t use Radha and Mohan. Vishwanath tells Ketki that Radha and Mohan will try to do something for sure. Ketki tells him that she is worried about that. Kavita tells her that she can understand the latter’s pain but it’s necessary.

Terrorists gives food to passengers. Radha says that she has to give food to Lord Krishna’s idol. Mr. X gives permission to Radha. She sends Terrorist Tina with Radha. Radha opens her bag.

Episode ends.

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