Dhruv Tara 18th November 2023 Written Update: Tara sings a Bhajan

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The episode starts with Dhruv comes to Devgarh again and tell Surya Pratap about his incomplete journey of finding his love. Surya Pratap is in love with Antara and he starts feeling good things about Antara. Surya thinks that how Antara convinces Bhavosa and tells himself that love is fate. Surya meets Dhruv and hugs him. Shaurya asks Antara why she is upset. Antara tells Shaurya that she is upset because she has lost someone. Surya wants to know of Dhruv’s wife on the other Shaurya tells Antara that he will helps her to find her thing. Shaurya tells Antara to sing that Bhajan of Kanhaji which will remove her stress.

Surya tells Dhruv that Kanhaji will do the justice to true lovers. Antara starts singing the Bhajan and Surya tells Dhruv that the Bhajan is the good sign. Dhruv remember that his Tara sings this bhajan and he went to see who is singing the Bhajan. Dhruv tries to open the room but Surya stop him and asks Dhruv what happen to him after listening the Bhajan. Dhruv asks Surya that who was singing the Bhajan and Surya tells Dhruv that it’s Shaurya’s mother. Dhruv wants to meet Shaurya’s mother but Surya tells him to meet her tomorrow in Dhanteras Puja and rights she is deep meditation of Kanhaji. Surya tells Dhruv to take rest and prays Kanhaji to give strength and patience to Dhruv.

Dhruv starts thinking about Tara  when he always heard about Shaurya’s mother. Dhruv is confused that how it’s possible that the quality of Tara and Shaurya’s mother are same. Dhruv waits till morning to find the truth.

Dhruv wakes up and he wants to meet Antara. Dhruv wants to see and clarify that Shaurya’s mother is Antara or his Tara.

Surya asks Meenakshi about the clothes and jewellery. Meenakshi tells Surya that Bhavosa has decides to give their bahus in Dhanteras. Surya tells Meenakshi that Antara will look beautiful in these clothes and jewellery. Meenakshi tells Surya that she can the love for Antara is his eyes. Antara  feels curious and Dhruv tries to enter Antara’s room but a servant stop h entering the room. Antara learns from the servant that Bhavosa has given the clothes and jewellery to wear in Dhanteras Puja. Dhruv is desparate to see Antara.

Surya sees Antara’s painting and praised her about her bravery and intelligency. Surya feels happy that she save his reputation infront of Bhavosa. Shaurya sees that Surya is smiling after seeing his painting. Shaurya tells Surya that he will tell his mother that you were smiling watching his picture. Surya tells Shaurya not say anything to his mother but Shaurya tells Surya that he will tell his mother. Dhruv sees the painting of Tara.

Precap- Dhruv follows Tara and Surya Pratap is watching Dhruv .

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