Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 1st February 2023 Written Update: Neighborhood ladies gets impressed with Radha


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 1st February 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Mohan asks Kadambari that what’s happening. He notices Radha’s photo and Rudalis. Radha thinks that Mohan will stop this drama. But Mohan also participates in the drama which shocks everyone. Tulsi’s spirit asks Kadambari to stop Mohan. Kadambari asks Mohan that what is he doing. Mohan tells her that Radha is Trivedi’s daughter in law so they should mourn her death well. He asks Rudalis to cry well and he joins them. Damini laughs seeing that.

Radha recalls that how Mohan used to care about her and cries. Tulsi’s spirit tells Mohan that he can’t do this with Radha. Kadambari asks Rudalis and Mohan to stop. Mohan tells her that Radha died for him. He asks Rudalis to cry. Radha tells herself that she can’t tolerate Mohan’s this hatred and she tries to leave from there. But Damini makes Radha fall down.

Gungun goes to Radha and Radha removes her veil. Rudalis and neighborhood ladies gets shocked seeing Radha. Gungun helps Radha to get up. She tells Rudalis that Radha is alive. Neighborhood ladies taunts Trivedis. Damini tells Kaveri that it’s time for Radha to get insulted. Rudalis asks Damini that why she called them when Radha is alive. Gungun removes the garland from Radha’s photo and she scolds Rudalis. Rudalis apologizes to her.

Damini asks them to not leave and tells them to continue the mourn and get money. She accepts that she called them. Kadambari asks her that why the latter did like that. Damini says that she won’t stay silent after suffering this much due to Radha. Rudalis claims that Damini made fun of their work. They tells Damini that they won’t spare her and they tries to attack her. But Mohan stops them and he defends Damini’s actions. Tulsi’s spirit tells him that he is doing wrong.

Rudalis scolds Mohan. Radha says that she married Mohan by betraying him. She adds that she will accept everything from Mohan. Rudalis takes Radha’s side and they yells at Mohan. They tries to leave. But Radha stops them and she tries to take their blessings. Rudalis says that they support people in sadness not happiness. Radha tells them that loved ones only support in sadness. Damini thinks that Radha’s family cut off all ties with Radha so she is trying to build new relations. Kaveri thinks that Radha’s lecture never ends. Rudalis gets emotional hearing Radha. They tells her that no one gave respect to them like her and they blesses her.

Neighborhood ladies says that Radha is making fun of their ritual by taking Rudalis blessings. Radha tells them that everyone is equal for God so they should not differentiate between people. Damini asks her to stop talking nonsense. She tells Kadambari that they can’t go against Neighborhood ladies. Neighborhood ladies praises Radha. They says that Kadambari won’t get a better daughter in law than Radha. Damini thinks that Radha flopped her plan again. Radha thinks that Mohan started supporting Damini in wrong deeds so she should find a way as soon as possible to expose Damini. 

Episode ends. 

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