Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th August 2022 Written Update: Damini plans to destroy the proofs


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radha tells Gungun to hold her braid. Ajay praises Radha’s idea. Gungun holds Radha’s braid. Radha cries in pain but she tolerates the pain. Meanwhile, Damini tells Kaveri that she has to destroy all the proofs which can prove that she is connected with Hriday. She calls someone and decides to meet that person. After some time, Latha asks Damini that why the latter called her there. Damini tells her that she won’t put Kaveri in danger. But Hriday putting Latha in danger. She says that she feels bad that Hriday making Latha do all this. She adds that Latha need to take rest at this age. She asks her to think about it. Latha tells her that she don’t want to go to jail. She says that she can’t do anything because everything is in Hriday’s hand.

Damini gives 15 lakhs to her. She tells her to start new beginning with this money. She asks her to leave Hriday. Latha is about to leave but Damini stops her. Damini tells her to destroy all the proofs which Hriday has against her. She says that Hriday may put all the blame on Latha in the future. Latha tells her that the latter will end up in jail. She says that Damini can’t separate her and Hriday with this 15 lakhs. She asks her to think about her future. She adds that Hriday won’t let anything happen to her because he is not weak player. She throws the money bag and leaves from there. Damini wonders that what is she going to do now.

Rameshwar tells Sundari that Radha jumped into the borehole to save Gungun. Sundari gets shocked hearing him. She says that she want to go to Radha. He tells her everything. She thanks God for giving idea to Radha to save Gungun. He tells her that nothing will happen to Gungun and Radha.

Gungun sits on Radha’s shoulder. She asks Radha that if the latter is fine. Radha tells her that she is fine. She asks Mohan to drag the rope. Mohan drags the rope. Kadambari asks Shekhar and Rahul to help Mohan. They helps Mohan.

Damini and Kaveri leaves from there. Ketki follows them. She asks them that what are they doing there. She says that she will expose them if she got to know that they are behind Gungun’s condition then. Damini tells her that she was in the house when Gungun fell into the borehole. Ketki says that CCTV footage is missing and Damini has security room key. Kaveri asks her to stop accusing Damini. She reminds her that they still have her and Rahul’s video. She says that they are also worried about Gungun. Ketki tells them that she can do anything for Gungun.

Later, Damini thinks that Gungun should not come out of the borehole alive. Rahul and Ketki drags Damini aside. Ketki tells Rahul that Damini and Kaveri are responsible for Gungun’s condition. Rahul threatens Damini. Damini runs from there. Mohan tells Radha that he will take them out of the borehole soon.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gungun comes out of the borehole but Radha falls into the borehole.

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