Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 25th August 2022 Written Update: Sundari learns about Hriday’s evil actions


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 25th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radha gets emotional seeing Mohan praying to God. She thanks God. On the other hand, Damini tells Hriday that now his life in danger. She tells him to escape before Gungun exposes him. She says that Mohan will kill Hriday if Mohan got to know the truth then. Hriday tells her that Radha is his lottery ticket so he won’t go without Radha. Kaveri reminds him that he tried to kill Mohan’s daughter so Mohan will kill him. He says that dealer will kill him if he went without Radha then. Damini tells him that he can’t stay there. He orders her to help him. She tells him that she can get rid of him but her priority is throwing Radha out of the house. Kaveri tells her that they can’t do anything.

Sundari comes there and she tells them that Gungun regained her consciousness. Hriday tells her that he will come later because he is in trauma. She tells him that Radha needs him. She drags him from there. Damini tells Kaveri that everything is over if Gungun exposed Hriday then.

Meanwhile, Gungun hugs Mohan. Sundari brings Hriday there. Gungun gets scared seeing Hriday. She hugs Radha. Radha asks her that what happened to her. Gungun recalls that how Hriday troubled her. Mohan asks Gungun that how she fell into the borehole. She recalls that how Hriday throw her into the borehole. Kadambari asks Gungun to not get scared. Rahul asks Gungun that if anyone pushed her into the borehole. Everyone asks Gungun to say what happened.

Gungun points at Hriday. But Hriday moves from there before anyone sees him. Kadambari misunderstands that Gungun want to talk to Mohan. Mohan sits on the bed. He tells Gungun that she is safe now. Gungun loses her consciousness. Doctor examines her. He says that Gungun suffering from PTSD ( Post-traumatic stress disorder ). He adds that Gungun is scared now but everything will be fine soon. He asks them to not question Gungun too much. Kaveri asks him that if Gungun can’t speak. Doctor tells him that Gungun will speak soon. Shekhar consoles Mohan. Hriday thinks that seems like God is in his team.

After some time, Sundari says that Radha and Hriday’s marriage can’t happen until Gungun gets fine. Damini tells Kadambari that they can’t postpone Radha’s marriage. She says that Radha deserves to stay happy. Tulsi’s spirit asks Kadambari to not listen Damini. Kadambari tells Sundari that marriage will happen tomorrow. She says that they can’t postpone Radha’s marriage. Mohan recalls the promise he made to Kadambari. Kadambari tells Sundari that they will take care of Gungun. Sundari agrees to start the marriage preparations.

Later, Radha tells Gungun that they will buy new dress for the latter’s toy. Gungun remains silent. Mohan wonders that how he is going to take care of Gungun without Radha. He thinks that tomorrow Radha will leave. Sundari sees them and leaves from there. Next day, Sundari wonders that if she is doing the right thing. She decides to talk to Hriday. Meanwhile, Hriday talks to dealer. He confesses that he is behind everything. Sundari slaps him.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Radha regains her consciousness. She sees Mohan. He asks her that if she was sleeping. He tells her that she can sleep in the house. She tells him that she knows that he will come. He tells her that she did not leave any other choice for him ( Title song plays in the background ). He says that they have to leave from there. He holds her hand. They moves from there. He tells her that they will reach the destination soon. Kadambari asks Mohan to say something. Mohan comes out of the sewage pipeline. He takes Radha out of the sewage pipeline. Mohan and Radha’s family gets relieved seeing Mohan and Radha.

Ajay tells Mohan that he will throw safety harness. He asks him to tie it around his waist. Mohan nods at him. He ties the safety harness around his waist. He holds Radha. He asks Ajay to pull the safety harness. Radha glances Mohan ( Title song plays in the background ). Rescue team pulls the safety harness. Mohan glances Radha. He holds her tightly. They comes out of the pit. Damini gets pissed off seeing them like that. Everyone claps for Radha and Mohan. Hriday tells Radha that he is glad she is safe now.

Kadambari praises Radha’s actions. She places a kiss on her forehead. She tells her that Mohan fought with Lord Krishna for her

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