Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 19th September 2023 Written Update: Pratiksha gets irritated by Ravi’s silence!

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 19th September 2023 Written Update on

Pratiksha asks Ravi why he remained silent when Manvi was making Kavya great for her deeds. She says that she can agree about Mandip, Deep and others but how could Ravi remain silent. She says that Kavya must also be stopped or else she would keep on doing these things. Ravi asks Pratiksha to calm down. Malhar puts Manvi in the lockup. Kavya asks Malhar to call Pratiksha and inform her that he has arrested both Manvi and Kavya so that she becomes happy. Malhar asks Kavya to remain silent. Kavya starts instigating him against Pratiksha and tells him his dream girl is taken away by Ravi. She keeps on insulting him when he says that her words won’t have any reaction on him. 

Kavya says to Malhar that Pratiksha got rid of such bad luck like him and got a handsome man like Ravi who’s way more handsome and better than him. Malhar looks at Kavya angrily. Ravi says that since Kavya wasn’t there at the scene there was no point in telling anything to Manvi. Pratiksha says that that’s the point, Manvi aunty was supposed to have realised that she is wrong since she is the one who has spoiled Kavya. Ravi says that Kavya has been like this since childhood and has been loving Ravi since a long time and that’s the madness for which she keeps on doing these things.  Pratiksha gets irritated and leaves the room. 

Kavya tells Malhar that Pratiksha doesn’t love Malhar but Ravi and gives him a proposal to be helped by Kavya to teach Pratiksha a lesson. She further instigates him by telling him that Pratiksha and Ravi are going to celebrate their suhaag raat tonight. Ravi and Pratiksha fight like kids again. Beeji comes and asks Ravi to make up with Pratiksha. Gulshan arrives at the Randhawa house and asks for Amardeep to meet him. Ravi takes him to his father. Beeji tells Kinjal that Gulshan is looking very angry which isn’t a good sign and she feels like there might be a storm arriving. Gulshan asks Ravi not to talk to him. Gulshan tells Amar that if anything happens to Kavya he won’t leave anyone neither him nor his entire family and he would send everyone to jail. He threatens Amardeep about him and his company’s secrets. He asks Amardeep not to make him so angry that he ends up doing something. 

Amar says that to him Kavya is like his daughter but what she did this time is very wrong and he is very angry at her. Manvi asks Malhar once again to let Kavya free so that she goes back home and stops Ravi and Pratiksha from celebrating their first night. They  threaten Malhar in the name of Pratiksha’s first night with Ravi! Gulshan says that he has come here to forgive Deep this time but warn for the next time. If anything wrong happens to Kavya the next time, he would snatch his house from them and teach everyone a lesson. Episode ends. 

Recap : Gulshan makes it very clear to the Randhawa’s that Kavya would stay here only. 

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