Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th March 2023 Written Update: Dua’s pretentious act


In today’s episode, Haider and Rahat look at each other. Haider leaves from there. Ruhan follows him. Haider asks him if he wants to say something to him. Ruhan says that he wants to talk about his and Gazal’s wedding. Haider congratulates him. Ruhan asks him to not stay upset. Haider says that he is not upset. Ruhan says that he wants his earlier brother back. He calls himself bad for calling Haider his step brother. He regrets for raising his hands on Haider. He regrets for badmouthing about Dua who always stood by him. He wants Haider’s company during his marriage otherwise he wishes death. He cries.

Haider wipes his tears. He says that Ruhaan regrets his actions that’s enough for him. They share a hug. Gulnaaz recalls Dua’s warning. She panics and worries thinking about Ruhan’s future with Gazal. Noor comes there and says that she is having a solution which can help Gulnaaz’s problem. She feeds her ladoo and congratulates her for the wedding of Ruhaan and Gazal. She says that now Dua will fulfill all the responsibilities and they will enjoy. Gulnaaz scolds and beats her. She thinks that Dua won’t stop until she get Ruhan married to Gazal.

Gazal vents her frustration. Dua teases her. She asks Dua to not try to be oversmart. Dua says that Haider belongs to her and asks Gazal to get ready for the marriage. Gazal says that she won’t marry Ruhan. Dua says that Gazal has no other choice than marrying him. Gazal says that she is aware of the fact that Dua cares for both Ruhaan and the house. Dua agrees but says not more than Haider. She wishes Ruhaan to get punished by marrying Gazal. Dua sees that Ruhan is coming towards them. She holds Gazal’s hands and behaves well with her.

Gazal removes her hands and toungelashes her. Dua requests Gazal to have faith in her and to not break her heart. Gazal spots Ruhan. Dua complains to Ruhan about Gazal and says Gazal thinks that she is acting only. Ruhan takes a stand for Dua and asks Gazal to talk to her nicely. Dua asks him to not say anything to Gazal and accepts her faults. Ruhaan defends her. Dua, Ruhan and Gazal come inside. Dua sheds tears infront of Hina. Hina asks her about the matter. Gazal wonders what Dua is upto.

Dua says that she is still misunderstood in this house. She tells everyone that Gazal is still not trusting her. She asks if she can create any problem in Ruhaan’s marriage who is like her own brother. Hina praises Dua saying she won’t stop until she gets Ruhan married to Gazal. Rahat asks Gazal why she is still doubting Dua. Gulnaaz worries for Ruhaan. Ruhan goes to say something but Dua asks him to not say anything to Gazal.

Dua says that she made mistakes and she will rectify them. Dua calls a person to fix the marriage date of Ruhan and Gazal. He says that Ruhaan and Gazal should get married on a day which is after one week. Dua asks everyone to not worry as she will handle everything. She teases Gulnaaz. She talks about bringing sweet and hugs Gazal to congratulate her.

The episode ends.