Saavi Ki Savaari 17th September 2022 Written Update: Sonam informs Ratna about Shivam


Saavi Ki Savaari 17th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nityam tells Sonam that Saavi don’t understand the value of being Dalmias. Saavi gets angry hearing him. Sonam asks her to not say anything. Nityam tells her that he is sure that Saavi don’t want this marriage to happen that’s why she is doing things to stop the marriage. Saavi tells him that she love Sonam and she can’t even think like that. She tells him that he has to trust her. He taunts her. She tells him that she don’t get affected with an outsider’s opinion. Sonam scolds her. Nityam says that he don’t want to drag the matter.

He announces that this marriage will happen after two days. Sonam gets happy hearing him. Saavi asks Nityam to not take any decision in hurry just because he thinks that she is coming in between him and Sonam. Sonam tells Nityam that their marriage will happen after two days. She tells him that she won’t disappoint him. Saavi leaves from there. Nityam tells Sonam that he is glad, she knows about the value of being Dalmias. He asks her to not worry about Radhe Shyam.

Saavi informs her family about Nityam’s decision. Nutan asks that how can they prepare everything within two days. Nityam asks her to not worry about anything and leaves the house. Sonam ignores Shivam calls. Ratna asks her that why Nityam prepone the marriage. She asks that if Saavi is involved in this matter. She says that she can’t help Sonam if the latter don’t reveal everything then. Sonam tells her that she has a boyfriend. She tells her everything about Radhe Shyam and Shivam. She says that Shivam can’t do anything after her marriage. Ratna tells her that Shivam won’t leave her at any cost. Sonam asks her to not scare her.

Dalmias learns about Nityam’s decision. Dada starts the marriage preparations. Dimpy thinks that nothing will be normal in this marriage. Dadi asks Dimpy to do some work. Dimpy tells her that she talked to some resorts already. Vedika asks Nityam that why he took this decision. Nityam says that everything should be prepared within two days. Dimpy says that Nityam’s marriage venue is Malwa resort.

Meanwhile, Krishna tells Shivam that he got manager job in Malwa resort. Shivam congratulates him. Krishna tells him that the latter don’t have any one else than him and Sonam. Shivam tells him that he will get married to Sonam soon. Himesh tells Dimpy that they have just two days to find Sonam’s boyfriend. Dimpy tells him that she has to find Sonam’s boyfriend at any cost.

Nutan asks Saavi that if the latter worrying about arranging money for Sonam’s marriage. She says that they will sell their part of this house. Brijesh tells her that they can’t sell this house, according to their lawyer. Saavi tells them that she will do something. Ratna tells Sonam the latter may regret in the future. She tells her that still Saavi can become Nityam’s wife.

Episode ends.