Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd August 2022 Written Update: Saavi celebrates Sonam’s success


Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi praises about the city to Sona kaki. She tells her that it’s a big day for her and she is late. She buys flowers from her. She moves towards Lord Shiva’s temple. On the other hand, Nityam tells himself that he is perfect but he hates the people who tries to be smart. He asks servant that who changed the tea. He tells him that he will fire everyone if his mother did not like this tea then. Nityam’s mother reads a article of her son in the newspaper. She praises him. He tells her that he is still Bittu for her. She tells him that she want to go to temple. He tells her that he will drop her. She tells him that his big car can’t go there. She says that she will go in auto. He tells her that she worked a lot but now she deserves to go in car. She learns about his threat to staff. She scolds him. He asks her to stop checking her staff group because they are getting late.

Saavi tells God that today Sonam topped because of the latter’s blessings and Sonam’s hardwork. Nityam and his mother reaches the temple. She asks him that till when he is going to stay angry with God. She tells him to come inside today at least. He tells her that she is his God and her blessings are with him always. She goes inside. Reporter asks Nityam that how he feels after winning best businessman award. Nityam’s mother is about to fall but Saavi saves her and leaves from there.

Reporter asks Nityam that whom he want to give credit to his success. Nityam asks him why he should give credit to someone else when he worked hard. Saavi tells his father’s photo that small happiness matters for her. Nityam’s mother tells God that her son is not happy still. Reporter tells Nityam that they got to know that there is no fan in his house and his office and his factory. He recalls someone committing suicide. Nityam’s mother asks God to send a life partner in Nityam’s life who can make him smile. Nityam feels suffocated. Saavi stops her auto and she sees how reporters questioning Nityam. She drives her auto. Priest tells Nityam’s mother about today’s special puja.

Ananya and Sonam records their conversation. Ananya questions Sonam. Sonam says that Saavi is happy with her auto but she wants big house. She says that she is topper so she dreams big always. She adds that Saavi is average so she cares about each and everyone. Saavi buys samosa and other things. Shop owner tells Saavi that he saw Sonam’s news on the newspaper. She tells him that there is party in her house today. She reaches her house.

She asks Mama about the work she told him to do. Maami complains about Saavi’s mother to Saavi. Saavi goes to kitchen and meets her mother. She searches Sonam. Sonam comes there. Saavi gives blazer as gift to Sonam. Sonam likes it and she wears it. Maami says that Sonam looks different in blazer. Saavi’s mother notices the price tag and gets shocked seeing the price. Sonam says that Saavi deliberately did not remove the price tag. Saavi tells her that she did not remove it so they can exchange it if size did not fit her then. After some time, party begins. Everyone dances ( Title song plays in the background ). Mama falls down from his wheelchair. Saavi notices that Mama drank alcohol. Mama says that he is useless now. He tells her that she took care of everyone.

Mami says that it’s Saavi who took care of them after her husband’s accident. Mama says that Sonam is elder daughter but without Saavi they are nothing. Ananya also praises Saavi. Sonam gets pissed off hearing them. She asks them to stop it. She says that she topped in MBA with her hardwork. She tells Saavi that she will return all the money to her which she spend on her. She says that their family can live respectfully once she g…