Saavi Ki Savaari 6th March 2023 Written Update: Saavi stops Raksham from leaving Ujjain


Saavi Ki Savaari 6th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dalmias celebrates Holika Dahan. Dimpy vows to ruin Dalmias happiness. Saavi vows to save her marriage and reunite Raksham with his family. On the other hand, Goyal family celebrates Holika Dahan. Ratna scolds Ananya for not bringing coconuts for puja. Nutan asks her to not scold Ananya because Ananya brought coconuts. Sonam brings ‘ pakoda’ saying that she made them for puja. Goyal family gets shocked hearing her.

Sonam tells Nutan that she was careless and selfish but she want to change. She promises to take care of her family from now on. She apologizes to them for hurting them. Nutan tells her that it’s really good beginning. Ratna asks Sonam that if it is the latter’s new plan. Sonam tells her that she is trying to become like Saavi. She thinks that Raksham want her to become like Saavi and she can act like Saavi very well to gain Raksham’s love again.

Raksham decides to leave Ujjain. Saavi stops him and tells him that he can’t leave again. He tells her that he don’t have any proof to prove his innocence so he can’t stay now. She reminds him that he stole the money. He stops hearing her. She tells him that his family needs him and he has chance to rectify his mistake. She says that she has plan. He tells her that he don’t want property. She tells him that she is also not interested in property. She says that he will know the truth by staying there only. And if he don’t come to Dalmia house then she will also lose everything like him.

He asks her that what she did. She informs him about divorce matter. He asks her that how can she do that. She tells him that she can do anything to heal Nityam’s pain. He tells her that she risked everything for him and Nityam and he can’t back off now. He asks her that what’s the plan. She tells him to come to Dalmia house with new identity and win Dalmias heart. She says that Dalmias elder son will enter the house tomorrow.

Next day, Dimpy tells Himesh that lawyer coming with divorce papers at 3pm but Saavi is not doing anything even though she know Raksham had died. She says that they should stop Saavi and Nityam’s divorce so Saavi don’t get half of the properties.

Sonam gives snacks to Nutan. She asks her to give them to Dalmias. Kailash comes there with gifts. Ratna takes his blessings. He says that he brought these gifts for Dalmias. Nutan tells her that she did not inform Dalmias about Kailash’s arrival. Ratna tells Nutan to take Kailash to Dalmia house.

Nityam asks Kiran to take care of the guests. He welcomes guests. He asks Vedika that why she don’t look happy. He tells her that her sadness will turn into happiness once Saavi leaves the house. Saavi applies colour on everyone’s face. Nityam reminds her that they are getting divorced at 3pm.

Episode ends.

Precap – Disguises Raksham meets Dalmias.

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