Sanjivani : Ishaani’s shocking demand to NV Singh

Sanjivani 11th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode starts with Rahil accusing Singh and NV for being biased and needs for punishment for Ishaani for placing Sid’s life at risk. The rest of the doctors too agree with him and needs for Ishaani’s punishment. He states that they need justice for Dr. Sid.

Rishab too says that Ishaani should be punished for her mistakes and NV finds something wrong with Rishab. He requests Rahil to listen to him Rahil turns deaf ears. He offers water to Rahil and states he has said whatever he wanted and now its his turn and asks him to listen. He turns to Dr. Rishab and inquires there were only 3 people at ot during the period of operation.

One is him, yet another one is Dr. Ishaani and the previous one is Dr. Sid. He states that he himself said that it is him who taught Ishaani to follow his directions. He states that it means that the fault could be his also. Rishab starts sweating while everybody looks shocked. NV asks him not to worry and asks him to be calm.

NV says that everybody knows of Rishab’s hatred for Sid and Ishaani and he does not want Ishaani to be in the hospital because she is his competitor. He says that everybody also knows that Ishaani isn’t the sort of person to put a person’s life in danger for her personal motives. Nurse Philo agrees with him. He asks Rahil why for once he did not thought that the mistake might have been done by Dr. Rishab too while Rahil stands accountable. He asks the exact same to the other physicians and says he will definitely look into who is at fault as everybody can make mistake.

Ishaani looks gratitude at NV. NV continues the keys he gave them aren’t out of his personal help but from hospital funds that literally means theirs. Bebe also agrees that NV has planned to the celebration from long since he wanted to present them the keys. Rahil apologizes NV and NV asks him to let it go. He states that the dinner is prepared in terrace and asks them to leave dinner. They all leave.

Ishaani retains NV’s hand and drags him inside the area. She asks why’s he spoiling his picture to get her and says she does not need to be there. NV tries making her know but Ishaani states he’s an excellent person but she does not deserve his attention. She asks him to spare her and let her go. She demands for divorce while NV stands stunned.

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