SANJIVANI : Ishaani’s emotional outburst

SANJIVANI 4th February 2020 Upcoming story and Twist on

The episode begins with NV holding the Bindi hesitantly. He attempts reasoning but they induce him to apply. He applies it from pressure. Then the women asks him to make her wear the mangalsutra. NV asks Bebe that they have already did all these rituals on union and why if they repeat it. Bebe too attempts explaining but they did not listen. Ishaani all the while is appearing at Sid and all of the moments with him flashes in her mind. They made her wear bangles and dupatta. Ratan is going to make her wear the mangalsutra when she instantly gets up apologizing and storms off ti her room. Ratan runs after her. Bebe handles the situation by covering up with some explanation.

Ishaani comes to the room and begins throwing things angrily. She eliminates the Bindi and bangles and throws it away. Ishaani breaks down emotionally while NV stands helpless. He thinks he promises to stand by her side anytime when it is required to encourage her and he can very well know how much its hard for her to do all that Infront of Sid. He believes this is her battle and she wants to fight it herself. He leaves.

At night NV is drinking when Bebe comes there to provide company for him. She asks him to pour some wine for herself too and she provides him firm. She asks why is he so adamant on getting Sid treated by Ishaani if she’s hurt for it. NV states there are only two things that is responsible for Ishaani’s condition. One is Sanjivani and another one is Dr. Mathur. He says thar he made it feasible to bring Ishaani yo Sanjivani but the pain about Sid can be lowered only when he wakes up. He asks her to believe that Ishaani eventually had her burst inky after Sid’s entry. He just wants her to Keane in peace and breathe fresh. It can be accomplished only when Sid gets nicely and answers all of the questions in Ishaani’s life.

Bebe asks what if Sid’s entry create any problems in his relationship with Ishaani. NV claims that all he needs is to eliminate Ishaani’s pain and nothing else matters. He says he wants her back to ordinary coming from her depression. About his relationship with Ishaani he is fine and is certain it will not influenced. He says he understands the pain if yesteryear. Bebe consoles him. She says that she is sure he’ll correct all of the mess and she’s full trust . She hugs and kisses him.

NV thinks of strategies to place Ishaani to sleep after all of the outburst in his room. He hunts for ways in net and discovers that jasmine brings great sleep. He brings it and keeps it under Ishaani’s pillow. However Ishaani remains pitching unable to sleep. She gets up and goes to Sid. NV also watches her from afar.

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