Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Naira confronts Luv and Kush

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th February 2020 Upcoming Story on

Today’s episode begins with Naira matches Trisha and apologize her for unable to do anything for her. Karthik calls inspector and asks him to catch the offender when possible. Menwhile, Abhishek asks Luv and Kush to provide him the Trisha’s video as he’s getting money in return of it. Luv and Kush won’t provide the video. Abhishek simplifies the duo and asks them to give the video or 10 lakhs in return of it. Naira prays to God to show her a way so that she can assist Trisha.

Naira sees Kairav and Vansh concealing the toys in the floor. She asks Kaira what he’s doing. Kairav shows to Naira that Luv told them if somebody hides the toys within the floor than that wish comes true.

Kartik surprises Naira with cup and tea cakes. Naira smile and hugs Kartik. And Kartik claims to Naira that offender will be caught soon and will be penalized too. Here, Luv and Kush manipulates Kairav and asks him to bring the necklace out of Gayatri’s room. Kairav agrees.

Afterwards, Naira gets mad at inspector for not doing anything. Inspector asks Naira to maintain patience. There, Gayatri hunts for her jewelry. Here, Naira sees Kartik’s signature in Kairav’s milk and faces Kairav. Kartik asks Kairav to tell the truth. When Kairav will not inform, Naira scares Kairav by stating if he won’t tell the truth than she’ll call authorities. Kairav gets scared and shows to Kaira that Luv completed the fake signature of Kartik.

Afterwards, Kartik and Naira faces Luv and Kush facing Goenka. Surekha asks Luv and Kush to say sorry to Naira and Kartik for doing fake signature of Kartik. Afterwards, Surekha faces Luv and Kush to tell her why they stole the jewellery of Gayatri. Luv and Kush stands stunned. Episode Ends with Kairav apologizing Kaira.

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