Sanjog 24th November 2022 Written Update: Gauri makes Rakshita to do the unthinkable


Sanjog 24th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with Gauri sitting along with her family on the dinning table. Heera and Panna gets into banter and fights with one another. Gauri gets irked by their noise and ask them to stay quiet. She feels like the owner of the Kothari mansion and gives command to the servants. Meanwhile, at that time Rajeshwari along with Rajeev and Ranjini comes there. The latter gets shocked seeing the attitude of Gauri while she greets them and ask to sit along with her family. She reminds Rajeshwari about their deal and says that soon they will be like a family.

Here, Rajeshwari orders her servants to arrange some extra chairs for the table. Ranjini gets irked seeing Gauri’s behavior and blames Rajeshwari for it. She says that ot is because of her decision, while the latter ask her daughter to stay silent. At that time Amrita comes there and says that she made South Indian for them. She shows her concern towards Rajeev’s health stating that he is pre-diabetic as well as Ranjini is on diet and tells that Rajeshwari likes South Indian foods. She also states that kids enjoys it.

Amrita proclaims to serve the food on the dinning table and also tells Gauri that she have earned the title of being the member of her family by her deeds. She expresses her gratitude towards Gauri for all her help, while the latter smirks. At that time Ranjini comes there and serves Italian dish to everyone. She ask Amrita to make South india for lunch and states that she already had made food to celebrate the adoption of Chanda.

Elsewhere, Gopal says that he can’t eat Italian food while Heera and Panna agrees to him. They decides to have food from outside while Gauri stops Chanda from coming along with them and ask to eat with her new family. Meanwhile, Gauri hears Rakshita telling Rajeshwari about her plan to send Gauri and her family away from the dinning table. She states that she understood Rajeshwari wasn’t comfortable to eat along with them and so served them the food which they don’t eat.

Rajeshwari gets impressed with Rakshita and mocks Amrita about it. She states that the latter can never think for her family. Gauri smirks hearing Rakshita’s plan and compliments herself for teaching such tricks to her. Whereas, Amrita sits along with Chanda and starts making her eat the food. Tara gets jealous and calls Chanda to make her eat it. Rajeshwari denies but Rajeev shows his support towards his daughter.

Ahead, Gauri smirks seeing her plan going well and makes Tara eat the food. Whereas, Rajeshwari gives several gifts to Chanda but the latter recalls Tara’s words and tells Rajeshwari about it. She gets furious at Tara and takes Chanda downstairs. She calls Tara and punishes the latter in front of everyone. Amrita tries to make Rajeshwari understand but the latter scolds her also. Chanda stands along with Tara to share the punishment and accuses Amrita for all the mishap.

Rajeev tries to find his items inside his room while Amrita keeps sneaking inside his room. He sees her note written on the mirror that where he will find his stuffs and gets elated. He comes out and shows his gratitude towards Amrita. He also ask her to remove the diya away from the curtains as it can lit fire. She gets happy and does as per his saying while Gauri hears their conversation and decides to create problems in between them.

Further, Gauri brings Rakshita towards Rajeev’s room and tells Tara to take Amrita away from the house. The latter ask her mother to take her to the park and forcefully drags her out. Meanwhile, Gauri tells Rakshita about Amrita and Rajeev’s conversation and says that the latter is threat for her. She makes Rakshita lit fire inside Rajeev’s room and then locks him inside it. He starts suffocating and shouts for help while Gauri advice Rakshita to go inside the room and save him in order to win his trust. Rakshita gets worried while Amrita feels something weird and looks back at her house.

The episode ends.

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