Sasural Genda Phool 2 22nd March 2022 Written Update: Shailaja falls sick


Sasural Genda Phool 2 22nd March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Titlee, She recollects Ishaan and Rano’s private conversation. Her conscience comes there and reminds her she might go back to her real life this is not her place so stop day dreaming. Shailaja says that She knew she will be here and how is she feeling now? Rano’s word hurt her. Titlee tells her that she has no idea why did Ishaan’s word hurting her this much?

Shailaja says that Rano did wrong thing today, it’s his life she has no rights to take decision in his life. Nothing to worry still she has time. Titlee adds that it’s her destiny to stay alone always. Shailaja tells her that she saw Ishaan laughing while heart with her and he fighted with goons to save her. He married to her to save her what’s the need to do this all? There is something connecting both of them.

One day he will understand she is the girl whom replacing Suhana in his heart. Titlee says that she is a girl whom giving pain to Ishaan always. Shailaja denies it and consoles her. She advises her how to deal with the situation and love him whole heart. She tells her that she don’t wanna see him in pain. If she comes to know Ishaan will be happy then she will leave him for his happiness. Because she loves him a lot. Ishaan hears it and recollects her words.

Ishaan doubts when did she started loving him? He leaves from there. Titlee shares to Shailaja that she is ready to change her character for him. Shailaja says that it’s true love she don’t need to change anything because she is good by her heart. He will accept her whole heart one day. Titlee hugs her emotionally. She notices her temperature is high and gets panic. She helps her to reach her room. Titlee tries to call her everyone to inform them about her state but she stop her.

Shailaja asks her to don’t disturb anyone she will be alright and ask her to go to her room. Titlee brings water there and dip clothes in it and placed wet clothe on her temple to down her temperature. Next day Rano thinks why didn’t Shailaja wake up yet and goes to her room. She notices Titlee in her room and taunts her. She lashes out at her for giving water to her. Shailaja shares the truth to her but she complaints to her she didn’t alert anyone here. Rani asks Titlee to leave from there.

Titlee returns to her room in tears. Ishaan hugs her to console her and thinks he is the reason for her tears.

Meanwhile Alok talks with Doctor there. Rani comes there Alok tells her that doctor said nothing to worry she is alright. Because of Titlee’s timely help she is fine now. Rani questions him Is he know about the promise Rano take from Ishaan? She tells him that Rano took wrong decision. Already Ishaan lost Suhana in his life don’t give another pain to him. He is a person to fulfill promise and don’t break it. She asks him to convince Rano and make her understand it’s not easy to break a relationship and give divorce to Titlee.

Later Rano preparing juice for Shailaja. Shailaja comes down to drink water. Disha questions her why is she here they would have helped her if she give a call. Rano taunts her and said she don’t need them but Titlee. She is considered her as her mom and being with her these many years though she is giving priorities to Titlee whom came here 4 days before.

Episode end.

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