Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th March 2022 Written Update: Aarav made a promise to Geetanjali


Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Aarav tells Geetanjali that he had given Vivaan permission to play music. He says that Simar had no hand behind all this. She had invited Jaya Ji only for Gajendra’s happiness. He adds that he also did all this for Gajendra so that he will get well soon. Saying this he leaves from there. Chitra tells Raj that the people of this house always support Simar.

Here Yamini asks Simar why she is worried. Simar says that Jaya Ji explained a lot to her that soon everything will be fine but still she is feeling restless. Yamini assures her that Gajendra’s memory will be back soon. After this, she tells her that she should now resume the practice of music. She adds that Simar has done a lot for her in-laws and now she should also do something for herself.

She reminds her that she had promised her that she would never give up on music. She asks her when was the last time she did Riyaz. Simar has no answer for this. But she promises Yamini that from now on she will start playing music again. On the other hand, Geetanjali sees Gopi’s photo and says that seeing Simar she always remembers Yamini.

Aarav comes there and asks Geetanjali what she is talking about. Geetanjali tells Aarav that everyone thinks that she hates Simar unnecessarily but it is not so. She adds that she is scared of Simar. Aarav tells her that she should not get scared as he is never going to go away from her. Geetanjali says that Gopi also used to say the same thing but in the end, he leaves her.

Aarav promises her that he will not go away from her and Simar will not play music as long as she is here. Yamini, on the other hand, asks Simar to promise that she will never leave Sangeet’s side. While here Aarav assures Geetanjali that Simar will never sing. Simar tells Yamini that she cannot be happy without music so she swears by Saraswati Maa that she will always keep music at the top.

Aarav tells Geetanjali that Simar will return to this house for the family members but will come without music. Here Jogi tells Yamini that this family will not accept Simar with the music. While Yamini is confident that Aarav loves Simar very much and that he will accept her with music, he will also go against Geetanjali. Later Yamini calls Samar. She tells Samar that it is time for him to come back here.

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