Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st September 2022 Written Update: Simar confronts Reema for her original identity


Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Reema’s lamentation for her own distress. She he can’t say anything to Simar as Chaya closes the door. But all these were the bad dreams of Simar. She awakes from the dream and pledges to find the original identity of Reema.
In the next morning, womens are choosing their clothes from a business man. Chaya chooses a white dress as white is her favorite color. Simar suspects to remind that Chaya used to put the white dresses. She drags Reema by her hand to confront her, but before that Simar sees that there is a weird shadow of Chaya in a water pot. Simar becomes confirmed that she is Chaya. Simar tells to Reema that she can’t be her sister. Everyone gets confused. Reema comes smelling like a rose.

Simar can’t explain her believe with logic. Badima and Vivaan gets confused and asks Simar why did she call Reema as Chaya. Simar tries to explain but Aarav is not also ready to believe her. Simar suspects that there was something grotesque but she can’t win the game. She asks to others see the water pot for the shadow, but there is nothing but the shadow of Reema. Simar asks to walk or to laugh to prove herself. Reema does so. Simar becomes agitated. Everyone asks again and again why did she is confusing them. Simar herself becomes confused that why others can’t Chaya as herself.

Simar tries to explain the difference of Reema’s posture, favourite colour. She tries to describe that she is not Reema, she is Chaya who resembles with Reema. Badima gets befuddled. Simar makes the thing clear by saying that she knows she couldn’t prove the truth, but whatever she explained is true.

Chitra mocks at Simar as Simar is depicting her own sister as atma. Vivaan also supports that Simar is overdoing the things. Chitra says after few days Simar will accuse others as atma or hypnotized person. Chaya comes closer to Simar to prove herself, Simar shouts to stop her. Sandhya tries to pacifies her. Aarav also asks her what she is doing. Simar emphasizes the shadow of Chaya, but no one believes her.
Simar is totally bewildered to think how would she prove the truth. Suddenly she asks Kavya to bring some prasads and ganga jal. Chaya is thunderstrucked.
Chitra shouts to stop all the dramas and she blames Simar as a superstitious. But Badima supports the decision of taking prasad. Vivaan tries to solve this contradictory statement. But Badima permits to offer the prasads to Reema. Chaya looks clueless when Kavya offers her to take the prasad. Everyone insists her to take that but Reema stands still.

Vivaan gives it by his own hand, but Reema throws it out. Everyone wonders to see the weird behaviour of Reema. Badima confronts Reema for this behaviour. Reema says that she has been suffering for girls’ problem and she is weak for that. So she can’t touch any prasads. Badima believes that. She reminds all the spooky incidents, throws some ganga water on Reema, but somehow the power of Mayakshi controls the situation. Reema asks why Simar is humiliating her. Chitra yells at Simar and urges to finish the drama. She also insists Simar to a put a dhaga of Matarani to Reema to prove, but Simar stands till being confused. Reema says she can do anything to win the Simar’s heart. Badima stops her when she was about to pick up the prasad. from the ground. Badima says she believes everyone of this family. She tries to calm down Simar, as this illusion happens sometimes.Badima asks Aarav to take her in the room and having rest.

Chitra says to Chaya that she is with her. Actually she changed the original palate of prasad with another magical plate. Reema admits that Simar is not an ordinary girl. Reema says she didn’t mind with Simar’s behaviour. Vivaan asks Simar to take the rest. Simar looks restless to think about the whole incident. Chaya says she won’t leave this house and the love of Oswaal family.
Episode ends.

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