Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd August 2022 Written Update: Simar and Aarav disguise as Marwadi couple


Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with discourse of Simar and Badima. Simar explains that all these falsely were arranged by Ishita. But Badima is not ready to believe her and says how the forthcoming has died before its advent. To hear this, Ishita screams vehemently and acts like a lost mother. Simar and Aarav both try to console Badima, by saying Ishita was never pregnant before.

But Pallavi and Chitra simultaneously accuses her for lack of the empathy towards Ishita. Chitra asks Badima for the justice for Ishita and insists her to order to leave the place. Badima looks confused and disheartened. In spite of requesting of Simar, Badima asks her to leave the place and expresses how much disappointed she is now with Simar. She is utterly disappointed of the incident and accident. Aarav protests her statement and says with how much Simar took the duty of Ishita. He holds her hand to stand beside her.

Reyansh insults Aarav and Simar scornfully to get them out. Doctor also joins him. Simar confuses him saying she has seen him bribing in her own eyes. Aarav threatens him to bring out the original report. Doctor seeks the proof to prove it.

Simar promises providing all the proofs very soon. But doctor declares to get out from hospital. All the nurses and gate keepers push them out. Simar and Aarav plan to act more accurately than Ishita. Evils are shaking hands to punish Simar. Doctor discharges Ishita and warns Badima not to come close Simar to Ishita as the name of Simar is also a mental torture to her. Badima is asked to take care of her mental and physical sanity.

Badima asks Reyansh to take Ishita to the car as she will come after sometimes. Ishita and others discuss about their mast plan and make fun of Simar’s distress when they walk in aisle of the hospital. Meanwhile Simar and Aarav comes in a very different disguise and they indicate something to each other.

Suddenly Aarav and Simar come in front of Ishita but she can’t recognise them. Simar continuous to say something in a different language which are not understandable to Ishita. She tries to get on the chair but Chitra forbids her as she is still weak. The disguised couple mocks at Ishita’s pretension. Suddenly Badima comes and Simar falls to her things to touch the feet of Badima. Badima blesses Simar unknowingly. Simar and Aarav become happy after getting the blessing of Badima. Meanwhile, Vivaan is in still in his slumber and Reema runs alone towards Mumbai.

Simar and her husband enter in the chamber of the doctor. The doctor can’t recognise them. Aarav bribes him to give a false report of his wife’s pregnancy. Dr checks up Simar, what he doesn’t find any sign regarding pregnancy. Now he is asked to give a false report as Ishita has send them for his favour. Being confused Dr calls Ishita for the confirmation in a room of inside.

Ishita and Riyansh dines that they didn’t recommend anyone for his favour. The doctor discusses with Ishita and Ishita abour their conspiracy and secrecy about the report. Aarav starts videorecording everything from outside. When doctor comes out, he sees that nurse is already captivating by the couple. When he interrogates about their true identity, Simar and Aarav express their original identity. Doctor is shocked.
Episode ends.

Episode starts with the Simar’s disguise in the hospital. Simar is seen by the fraud friends of Reyansh. Somehow Aarav saves Kavya by taking them aside. Rogues run behind them but the tires of their best have been punctured. The parents and Kabya show their gratitude to Aarav and Simar. They are trying to take kavya in a safe place. They are confused to think where to go. Simar calls Vivan and Reema for managing a safe place. But Reema cuts the call from both of the phone. She gets tensed to think she have to go alone now in Delhi. Vivan falls asleep. Reema tries to run from the bus. But she sees the Vivaan has hold her dress. Reema gets emotional but she gets off the bus alone and starts to walk. She looks guilt and nervous. She promises in her mind she would return to him after the completion of her work. She catches a car and goes alone in Delhi.

Meanwhile, Ishita and Chitra are irritated with the magical power of Simar. They are angry why Badima is not taking this matter as a serious thing. Simar also didn’t come to visit Ishita. Suddenly Reyansh comes with a disturbed face as the plans of Reyansh has messed up. On asking Ishita why he is disturbed, he rebukes to Ishita to stop. Suddenly Reyansh takes the pouch of tomamto sauce and spreads on all over the bed and Ishita. Chitra, Pallavi and Ishita screw up. Reyansh tells them are not you think that why did Badima is not angry on Simar. Because this baby is safe. Reyansh wants to kill this imaginary baby to trigger off the anger of Geetanjali devi. But Ishita wants to play this drama for more times to hold position in Oswaal family. Reyansh makes Ishita understand to stop this game for now. Pallavi and Chitra also agree with Reyansh. Reyansh advices the doctor to make a report where it will be written the baby has died.

Simar and Aarav comes to Badima to tell the truth. Then Badima hears the scream of Ishita. She runs inside and sees that everything is scattered inside. Ishita falls senseless after being exhausted to scream. Being agitated she asks the doctor whether the baby is alright or not. But doctor declares the baby is has died. Badima gets shocked and everyone is speechless. They are asked to leave the

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