Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th June 2022 Written Update: Riyansh agrees to marry


Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Riyansh is caught red handed by Simar. Simar shows Riyansh the photos of Ishita. Simar says that she knows everything about them and she says more information about Ishita. But Riyansh denies. He says that she was a college friend to him, and now everything is over. Simar shows one close photo of them. He gets embarassed. Chitra suddenly comes to call Riyansh to look over the short listed girls. Girls are waiting for him. After going out ofChitra Riyansh says to Simar, Ishita will go America after 3 or 4 days. Simar says Aarav and She is going to meet Ishita in his favourite cafe. Riyansh is welcomed to come. He looks frightened.

Ishita waits for Riyansh in a cafe. Riyansh comes. Then Aarav and Simar also come. They introduce themselves. Ishita gets embarassed for her short dress. Simar says her not to worry about this. She is looking natural. Ishita says Simar sent a friend request to her. Simar nods. Aarav says Ishita about the preparation of the marriage of Riyansh. She gets shocked. She says that Riyansh said to him before there is no future plan of Riyansh’s marriage in his home in the next 3 or 4 years.

Aarav and Simar manages the situation. Simar says that Riyansh denied about the relationship of them. Ishita gots angry. She discloses their relationship. She also expresses about the lipstick stain and their intimacy. Riyansh says he got frightened to see the intimidated faces of everyone. Simar disagrees on his opinion. She says Badima gets angry when someone lies to her. Riyansh feels awkward.

Aarav discusses with Simar in a corner for some moments. Aarav says don’t make them uncomfortable. Don’t interrogate them, otherwise they will not express their words from the heart. Simar understands.

Simar comes to the table again and she says they should disclose their relationship otherwise Badima will force him to marry someone else. Riyansh says he doesn’t want to meet any girls for marriage. Simar says don’t lie. You already met many short listed girls in the morning. Ishita gets shocked and unboxes about their engagement. Everyone awestrucks. She shows a ring which Riyansh gave her to be engaged. Riyansh gets red faced.

Simar gets angry and rebukes Riyansh for his casualties and negligences. Ishita forbids Simar to rebuke Riyansh because she does have the faith on Riyansh and his love. She trusts him that he would not cheat her. Aarav also says it’s not his fault. We didn’t gave the friendly environment to him to reveal his heart.Simar says they should discuss about the relationship in front of everyone of family. Ishita says her family knows Riyansh. Ishita requests Simar to make this marriage as a arrange marriage.

Aditi and Gagan come to meet Badima and ask about preparation of marriage. Simar, Aarav and Riyansh come then. Simar says that Riyansh chosed his girl then discloses about the relationship. She shows the picture of Ishita in her mobile. Chitra says i don’t know this girl. Simar says she is her girlfriend. Chitra says to Badima that Simar is now making it a love marriage. She says she won’t allow any love marriage, already this family have seen three disastrous love marriage. Simar says she doesn’t have any problem with any kind of marriage. She doesn’t have any partiality.

This family needs a suitable girl whom we can embrace with love and grace and that girl also could love our family. As there is no garanty in any marriage, so there is no rule is confirmed as right or wrong. The connection and understanding between the couple is the real paradigm to settle a marriage. Chitra denies the fact. She says many good people become servant to their wife. Already two couple is there in our home, will not allow one more. Riyansh is in a quandary.

Simar says everyone didn’t marry through love but still husband becomes servant to their wife. She indicates Chitra. Chitra becomes angry. Simar says she doesn’t have any problem with any marriage. Love and respect should be the only ingredient in a marriage. One shouldn’t allow anything else. She examples Reema Vivaan Aditi Gagan and themselves. She also says this choice is according to Riyansh. He would decide finally. She says the girl belongs in a great khandan or family of Agra.

They’re Kapoor family. Giriraj says he knows their family and they have a great business. Simar says the family knows about Riyansh and they agree. Badima asks Riyansh to say something himself. Riyansh confesses that Ishita used to his girlfriend and he loves him. Simar expresses about their engagement and their marriage proposal. Everyone confounds. Badima asks how did Riyansh he take this kind of big decision by himself? How does that girl final the approach by herself?

Simar says Riyansh suddenly proposed her? She doesn’t had anything to do. Aditi interrupts. Badima says to Simar why she is supporting and encouraging for this girl. How does she know Ishita is perfect for Riyansh? Simar says that Aarav and Simar met her. Simar says about Ishita’s supporting and lovable character. Ishita is faithful and trustworthy to Riyansh.

Simar says if family wouldn’t accept the love marriage then everyone’s will be hurt. Simar says they do love each other. Badima says that means she does have all the qualities which Simar has. Reema questions about the importance of the quality of a boy. Simar says every Oswal boy gives the utmost love to their partner.

 Simar asks about Badima’s permission. Badima says as she gave the responsibility to search the girl for Riyansh, and as Simar accepts this girl she doesn’t have any problem. Simar says she called the parents of Ishita in the Oswaal mansion without anyone’s permission. Badima supports her. Badima asks to summon them tomorrow. Aditi becomes happy for Riyansh and congratulates Simar. Simar asks ashirvad from Durga mata.

Episode ends.

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