Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th December 2022 Written Update: Aarav is captivated by Jhumri


Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th December 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with the phone call of Badima calling an SEP saheb, emphasizes that how innocent Simar is. Gajendra then informs that Simar has escaped from the prison. Badima can’t believe the statement. She is not ready to gasp the condition. In between the situation the lawyer says that this may complicate the situation more. Giriraj also links another incidents, that how Simar is falsely trapped in every steps.

Chitra tries to complicate it more. She says Simar must be a criminal thats why she flied from the place. Badima asks Reema after her advent, what could be the possible reason for her escaping! Reema says that she has just come after meeting her. Badima also asks about Aarav and Vivaan. Simar might run behind Aarav, stoping him from reaching Guruji. When Aarav asks guruji about his frightened condition, he expresses all the truths that the statue was enlivened in that night.

Guruji expresses all the threatening activity of the statue how it got its life and killed all all his devotees on that particular night. He price for help to Aarav and laments over his false confession. Simar tries to stop any car, no one stops their car. When everyone denies to give her a lift, them a couple stops their car and asks about her condition.

After many request the couple finally agrees is to help her after listening the name of Matarani from her mouth. Simar asks for the phone from the lady and she calls Aarav. As Aarav leaves Guruji to pick up the call, laboni comes in front of Guruji. But Guruji says that he doesn’t fear her anymore, because truth is much more stronger than able power in the world. He says that laboni can kill him but he will support the truth. Laboni says that to speak the truth the Guruji should not died then. Aarav hesitates to pick up a unknown number.

At the last, guruji is killed by Laboni. Then police has arrived to arrest him. Simar was attacked and convicted by the police and Simar repeatedly says that she didn’t kill. Badima and Reema also try to convince the police, but no one listens her. Police drags her to the police station. When everyone tries to convince police, Aarav also denies to give any proof for Simar. Police accepts that Simar herself murders Guruji.
Episode ends

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