Shaadi Mubarak 1st April 2021 Written Update: KT celebrates Holi with Kirti

Shaadi Mubarak 1st April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with KT stating that Preeti is alive and will surely come back. He breaksdown but instantly gets up hearing a song. He says that it’s his and Preeti’s song and is a signal from god that Preeti is nearby them. He repeatedly keeps muttering that Preeti will surely come to them and that too soon while Kushala shakes her head with teary eyes seeing his condition. She caresses his face in order to soothe him.

Tibrewals celebrates holi with full enthusiasm. KT sings “Ranjhana song” and dances along with everyone. On the other side Preeti gets inside the autorickshaw to reach Tibrewal house. Kirti puts colour on KT while he plays holi with her. He gets little emotional while Neel colours him diverting his mind and both brothers dances together. Kushala smiles seeing him happy and adores his face.

Preeti reaches KT’s house and tries to get inside but one staff restricts her. She sees everyone playing holi and ask the staff to call KT as she wants to talk to him. He goes away as Kushala calls him while Preeti keeps staring at Kushala. Guard comes back and prohibit Preeti from getting inside while she gets angry and turns away cursing them.

KT feels Preeti’s presence and drops Kirti from his arms. She ask him to play while he gets teary eyes and says that Preeti is back. He sees Preeti’s back and keeps staring her.

On the other side kids plays holi and by mistake pours colours on Vishal. He gets furious and scolds them badly. He damages their stuffs being mad at them while little Preeti hides behind a girl being scared of her father. He notices her and ask her to come forward while she keeps muttering Preeti/Mohi’s name. He forces her to have sweet but she denies. He shouts at her while she takes the sweet being scared.

Preeti gets inside the holi party from backside while the staff notices her. He scolds her for getting in even after his denial. She states that she have some important work with KT and ask him to call him. She shouts at him for misbehaving with her and warns him while he goes away. As she moves inside , Her face gets covered with colours. She sees KT and shouts his name angrily. She throws water balloon on his as he faces her.

Preeti keeps scolding KT for his act. She tagged him as weird and tells him about how his act causes problems to her. KT keeps staring her and smiles making her furious. At that time Kirti sees her and thinks to teach her a lesson. She splashes the water through pipe on Preeti and the colours gets removed from face. KT gets emotional seeing Preeti while she glares Kirti as she runs away. Tibrewals gets shocked seeing Preeti and their eyes gets teary.

KT remembers his moments with Preeti and his eyes turns moisty. Preeti warns him to take back his complaint and goes from there while KT keeps standing on his place. KT realises her absence and runs behind her along with his family but misses to stop her. Kushala gets worried while KT says that he won’t miss Preeti this time.

Preeti talks with her friend explaining how she warned KT and then questions her that if she talked about the job with the principal? To which her friend replies that principal denied to take Preeti back. Preeti gets worried as she realises that she have only one day left to find any solution. On the other side KT gets inside the school and ask guard about Preeti’s address. Guard prohibits him from getting inside principal’s cabin and states that he doesn’t know about the address. KT forcefully gets inside the cabin and starts searching for Preeti’s file to get her address but he doesn’t find it and gets tensed.

Precap:- KT sees Preeti and runs behind her. He saves her while she falls into his embrace. They both looks at eachother as colours showers on them. Preeti gets furious and pushes him. She slaps KT while he looks on being shocked.

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