Shaadi Mubarak Upcoming Story : Rati and Nandini joined hands together against Preeti


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The fascinating storyline of Shaadi Mubarak has kept the viewers hooked. In the earlier episode Nandini challenged preeti that she will prove KT still loves her and declares if she can’t able to then will leave to Singapore but continues that if she gets succeed then Preeti have to leave the house while Preeti agreed to it. Later on Preeti keeps caressing her torn marriage picture while KT enters and saw her, he brings sticking tape and fix the photo sharing a moment with her, and then hung it back to its place.

KT thinks about Arjun while Preeti ask him to make new memories with Arjun and suggested for Christmas party, Arjun ask Nandini to make cake for him while KT says that preeti will make it, he then declares a baking compitition between Preeti and Nandini making preeti shock while Nandini again taunts her saying KT doing all this is just a proof that he still loves her. On the other side Priyanka tutors Neel while he offers her a ride to her office, she denies thinking about others while he convinces her somehow.

Preeti gets angry on KT for keeping compitition between her and Nandini, she warns him that revenge won’t give him happiness while he shouts that she can never feel his pain and states that he will bring a cake from outside if she don’t want to do the compitition while she stops him saying that she will bake. Rati comes to meet Preeti and ask her to offer a job to Tarun in Tibrewal’s company while Preeti denies and Rati goes from there furiously. Neelima ask KT to buy a luxury car for Arjun as a gift while Sneha gets angry due to the partiality in between Neel and Arjun. Later Rati met Nandini and both joined hands together against Preeti.

Now in the upcoming episode Preeti will go to switch off a light inside a room while Nandini will lock her and goes down wearing a mask planning to be with KT in the ballroom. Neel will ask KT and Preeti to do a dance performance while Preeti keeps banging the door but then sees through the window KT holding Nandini and starting to dance thinking her to be preeti.

How will Preeti face Nandini and Rati together? Will Preeti be able to overcome all the hurdles? Will KT help preeti?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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