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Episode start with Heer stops the mahandiwali and says that she will put mehndi now.  On this, Rohan says that where did that Heer go who could do anything for Soumya, so what happened now.  Heer says that she can do anything for Soumya but if she comes in front of her and says it.  At the same time Malika comes and says that she will tell her the truth but for that she have to refuse the marriage.  Preeto stops her and tells her not to interfere in her home affairs.  Malika says this is not just a matter of her house.  Harak also tries to stop her.  But Heer insists on telling her the truth.

Malika says she will tell her if she promises. Harak  pretends to have a heart attack when Heer is about to promise.  Heer comes to know that he is pretending and she asks him why he is doing this? And why they are hiding Soumya’s secret from her?

Malika then tells her to ask Preeto and Harak why they sent her away from you.  Heer is shocked and looking at them, asks what they had done to her in the past.  Preeto tells her that she had made a bet with Soumya in which she lost and for that reason she had to move away from her.

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Heer is shocked to hear this and she then refuses to get married and moves out for Virat’s house.  She reaches Virat’s house and tells him that this marriage cannot take place now.  Virat and the rest of the family are shocked.  Virat asks her the reason but Heer starts leaving without saying anything.  Virat stops her by holding her hand and asks her the reason. Heer tells him that she is doing this for Soumya.  Virat asks her to explain the whole thing. The same time Virat’s mother gives money to the mahandiwali and says that seeing Heer like this, she does not think that she will marry now. Daljit says that it is good.

Episode ends with Virat tells Heer that he loves her so much and will not let her go anywhere. And Heer hugs him

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