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The episode start with Ridhima recalling how Kabir explained her that the whole game is about trust and Vansh will surely give her the opportunity to win his trust but she has to understand when that will happen. Kabir had told her that Vansh is going on cruise with his family so she has to be with him and find evidences against him. Moreover, since Vansh is holding an exhibition with well-known people on the cruise, this is the best way to trap him.

Kabir’s friend Pingle asks him if it has been a wise decision to send Ridhima to Vansh who is such a dangerous man and even a well-trained officer like Neha couldn’t escape him. Kabir replies that Neha was fire while Ridhima is water which can make its way even where fire can’t reach, plus he can trust only her and he has nothing else to lose except Ridhima who is his everything. He asks Pingle if he is thinking that he must be an idiot to put his love in danger but sometimes it’s needed even though Ridhima is his love and life. He is sure that Ridhima can bring that criminal to them and asks Pingle not to be scared as nobody will suspect Ridhima.

Ridhima is on the cruise. She recalls Kabir giving him a the diamond clip she is wearing which is a one sided transmitter as well so whenever she will need to give him any information, she just need to talk to herself and he will get her message, but he will be able to listen to her only and not reply or advise her. When Ridhima had asked him what if the clip gets detected, Kabir had assured her that no scanner can detect it but she shall be careful and keep it unnoticed from the security.

Ridhima shows her ticket to the security but when she walks through the scanner, the latter starts making sound and the security officers immediately take her away. Kabir hears that and gets alerted. The security officers take Ridhima on the bow of the ship where Vansh is standing. Vansh says that there must be a plan of stars to make them meet again and again. He recalls their first encounter and then walks towards her telling her that he asked the guards to bring her there. Kabir calms down realizing that Ridhima has been taken to Vansh.

The latter reveals that he had seen her picture and name in the party planning documents so he found it important to meet her since he had noticed her disorganization on the beach party. He warns her that there should not be any mistake on this cruise since there are some important guests. He says that he doesn’t want anything lower than perfect and expect more than perfect.

After warning her, Vansh asks why scanners made so much noise. Kabir gets agitated realizing that clip got detected. Vansh asks Ridhima not to lie as she must be planning something. Ridhima denies that. Vansh says that phones aren’t allowed on cruise, so scanner got activated because of that. The security officer takes Ridhima’s phone. She apologizes. Vansh says that he will keep an eye on her. Kabir gets relieved knowing that Ridhima is safe.

Vansh’s aunty is gossiping with a woman, Alia. The latter asks why the arrangement has been made by Vansh when her husband Rudra is elder so everything should be in his hands. Mrs. Rudra Rai Singhania replies that they are a joint family so they handle the business together.

Ridhima is walking distract and bumps int a girl dropping the champagne in her hands. The girl glares at her and starts yelling asking her if she realizes the cost of her dress and the champagne. Ridhima tries to speak up but the girl throws champagne on her saying that she can afford whatever she wants while she (Ridhima) won’t be able to pay for the loss even if she hells herself. Ridhima starts weeping and asks her to talk with respect. The girl introduces herself as Ishani, Vansh’s sister. As soon as she hears that she is Vansh’s sister, Ridhima immediately apologizes. Ishani keeps insulting Ridhima who cries. She tells Ishani that she is the party planner. Ishani mocks her calling her useless, low class and clumsy. A girl on wheelchairs witnesses the scene. Ishani says that she looks like the cleaner and asks her to clean the drink she has dropped. A mop is brought but Ridhima refuses to clean. Ishani holds her wrist and says that she will throw her out of the ship.

Aryan comes and says that ship has sealed so the only option is to throw her in water. Another guy comes and asks Ridhima to leave. Ridhima walks away.

Ridhima cries and wonders how Vansh must be if his sister is so arrogant. She sobs thinking how she will make her place among them.

Aryan stares at Ridhima and Ishani understands that he is looking at his next trophy. Aryan says that she knows him well. Ishani guesses that he just wants to date her and use her since she is her type, but she doesn’t think he will get her. Aryan asks her why she is challenging him knowing that he doesn’t lose. Ishani says that such types of girls don’t fall easily. Aryan accepts the challenge. The girl on wheelchair watches them disgusted.

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On the other hand, Vansh meets a businessman who says that he got to know that his equipment is faulty and he doesn’t want to waste his money on it. Rudra is about to bash him but Vansh stops him and tells the businessman that he is rising questions on his passion since he designs this equipment himself. He is ready to test the equipment himself and if there won’t be any fault in it then the businessman shall name all his South East Asia business on him otherwise there won’t be any deal since he won’t be alive.

Ridhima is crying when the girl on wheelchair comes and says that it’s strange how tears are their own but others see them. Ridhima says that it’s the first time she felt so humiliated. She turns around and is surprised to see the girl sitting on wheelchair. The latter tells her that she understands how it feels when you don’t feel normal staying among normal people. She says that she can’t change what happened, but she apologizes on Ishani’s behalf. Kabir and Pingle listen to them. Ridhima tells the girl that she is the first normal person she has met on cruise and she feels like she can talk with her about anything she wants. She notices that the girls seems very stiff so she helps her doing stretching of her neck and arms. The girl says that she seems a professional in this. Ridhima tells her that physiotherapy is her passion. The girl reveals her that she is Ishani’s sister and she wants to apologize on her behalf. She adds that Ishani isn’t so bad. Ridhima asks her not to worry about that and do the exercise often.

Rudra tells Vansh’s mother and grandmother that Vansh is going to give demo of his equipment himself. Vansh’s mother call Siya, the girl Ridhima is talking to, and ask her to come and see what Vansh is doing. Ridhima says that she has heard a lot about Vansh. Siya says that now she shall even see what he is capable of.

Ridhima goes to watch Vansh performing stunts on water on flyboards with the whole Rai Singhania family. Vansh suddenly goes underwater and everybody wonders why he isn’t coming out. Aryan and Ishani smile. The businessman says that his information was correct, and the equipment is faulty. Ridhima whispers that maybe Vansh has died. Pingle says the same to Kabir who replies that it’s impossible and he cannot die so easily. Just then Vansh comes out. His family except Aryan are relieved. Ridhima informs Kabir that Vansh is alive. Kabir says that bad people don’t die so easily. He affirms that Ridhima needs to enter in Vansh’s world after which she will have only one opportunity to win his trust.

Vansh returns on the cruise. Rudra and his bodyguard rushes to him and compliment him. Vansh walks to the businessman who says that he will give him the South Asia business while he shall get the equipment and this deal calls for a celebration.

Ridhima notices that Siya is getting choked since her dupatta got entangled in the wheel of the wheelchair. She immediately rushes to Siya with a knife. Vansh notices Ridhima running towards Siya with a knife. He takes out a knife too and throws it to Ridhima who screams as she gets a cut on the shoulder. Kabir gets worried hearing her scream. Ridhima’s clip drops and get damaged. The connection with Kabir is lost. Kabir wonders what to do now.(Episode ends)

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