Spy Bahu 14th March 2022 Written Update: Sejal gets separated from her brother.


Spy Bahu 14th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with beautiful scenery of Kashmir and kids playing. A little girl tries calling a bird near her but the bird flies away and the girl starts crying. The little girl’s father tells her not to worry as whatever goes comes back. He watches his son and daughter playing and prays to God to keep them away from bad omen. The little girl’s grandmother that it is time for her to show her magic and shows her a hundred rupees note and asks her to repeat the numbers. The girls repeats the number on the note by just having a glance at it. Grandmother tells that she can remember anything by just having one look at it.

Some terrorists come with gun and the mother rushes the kids inside. The little girl hides inside the almirah while the terrorists kill her family. They take her brother with them and kill her parents and grandmother. Her father’s friend comes and takes the little girl with him but the terrorists escape with her brother. The serial moves forward a few months and the little girl is adopted by a Gujrati family and they name her Sejal. The adoption centre doesn’t give any information about the girl to the family. Sejal’s grandmother is angry because she was expecting her son to adopt a boy.

Sejal’s mother tries feeding her Dhoklas and GulabJamun but she runs away. Her parents get worried and starts looking for her. They find her standing in front of an egg stall. Sejal’s parents are vegetarian and they cannot bear the smell of egg however Sejal’s mother says that today her daughter is hungry and she will even fry the moon for her if she wants.

Sejal happily eats the egg and returns home with her parents. They tells her to keep it a secret from her grandmother. A leftover of egg is left on her face and grandmother is about to notice it but her father covers her up and tells she ate three samosas today. Grandmother tells to keep her under control or she will do garba on their chest. Sejal asks what is Garba?

Serial takes leap and Sejal is all grown up. Sejal’s parents and grandmother wait for her garba performance at the function. Sejal runs towards the stage and falls down on stage and everyone makes fun of her. Sejal’s real father’s friend tells he wants to recruit her to expose Yohan.Yohan is shown skiing in Kashmir and gives an envelope of money to someone. Sejal’s father walks up on stage and tell her that it is okay for us to fall but we dont stop.

Sejal gets up and gives a wonderful performance with her brother. Sejal’s father’s friend that she has the special talent of remembering anything at just a glance and she is like a moving CCTV camera. Sejal performs Garba and her father’s friend tell that now she will be the spy who will get Yohan arrested. The episode ends with Yohan removing his ski mask.