Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Can Yohan find Sejal on time?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is now the track of Sejal and Yohan developing feelings for each other. Sejal is filled with guilt of thinking wrong about Yohan and wants to prove him innocent.

Yohan is falling in love with Sejal but will he forgive her on finding out her truth? Avishek has planned to get rid of Yohan and Sejal but Sejal realizes the truth about her brother. Can Sejal stop her brother from hurting Yohan?

Sejal introduced Bamba with the Nanda’s. Drishti and Avishek returned from the function and everyone congratulated them. Arun told congratulations is not enough so he wants to give him something close to his heart. Arun gifted Avishek his first expensive watch earned by his hardwork.

Sejal watched in shock the mark on Avishek’s hand as Arun mase him wear the watch. Sejal realized Avishek is her brother Farid and recalled the moments when the truth was in front of her eyes but she did not realize it.

Sejal recalled meeting Avishek outside the secret room,in the hotel and him not killing the little girl on hearing Mahira’s name. Sejal left the house in shock and thought about Avishek shooting Yohan and trying to kill them.

Yohan got worried for Sejal and looks around for her. Bamba told Yohan that Sejal might be sad because tomorrow is her birthday and no one here knows that. Yohan thought that how can it be a coincidence that tomorrow it is Mahira’s birthday too.

Sejal thought she always wanted to find her brother and left everyone for him but we were leaving under the same roof. Yohan tried calling Sejal and looks around for her.

Yohan stops at the Majar and recalls coming there to pray with Mahira. Sejal thought Farid even tried to kill Drishti and what will she go through when she realizes the truth.

Sejal prayed to give her strength to save Drishti and Yohan and she will have to fight her blood to save her husband. Yohan thought if Sejal will also leave him like Mahira did. Sejal texted Yohan that she is okay. Yohan realized he doesn’t have much time before Sejal’s birthday.

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