Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Finally Veera Nanda’s game over!


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is at an interesting turn as Veera gets tricked by Sejal and ends up confessing all her crimes! So is this finally an end to her devil games?

In the previous episode Yohan didn’t tell the truth about Ahana to Sejal. Veera placed all the poisonous camphors in the aarti diya. Sejal doubted that Veera was doing something in pretense of praying.

Veera forcibly sent Krish outside. Drishti saw this and informed to Sejal. Sejal went to Bappa’s idol and find Veera gone. Priest asked her about the necklace for idol. She said she had placed it with all the things.

Priest asked Veera to do aarti as always but she said this year Sejal will be doing it. As soon as the smoke from camphor started spreading everyone fell down while Veera stood aside wearing her mask.

Veera thought all are dead and started confession of all her crimes and how Sejal was saying the truth. Veera was shocked to see Krish standing there and he asked her to stay away from him.

Gradually everyone got up too.Sejal told her how earlier she had seen the mice eating modak with camphor mixed dying and understood about her plan.

When she had acted about feeling sick, Yohan and Drishti had quickly replaced all the camphor with non poisonous ones and all were just lying down. What will be Veera’s next step? Will she get arrested?

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