Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Sejal’s return to surprise Nandas.


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is all set to show us an interesting track with Sejal returning back home!! Will Nanda’s accept her back?

In the previous episode Yohan said they should leave to go to their house now. Lakshmi told about Kajri’s husband beating her. Yohan tried to stop him but he taunts Yohan for leaving his pregnant wife.

Yohan beat up Kajri’s husband. Kajri thanked Yohan and Sejal for saving her married life. Yohan felt guilty of leaving Sejal. Whole village gathered to bid farewell to Paro.

Bapuji said he will do all the rituals of Bidaai as Paro is their daughter. Harsh warned Yohan not to make her cry in future but Yohan told he knows very well to take care of his wife.

Ahana came to meet her boyfriend Arbaaz. She saw Shalini clicking her pictures. Ahana deleted the picture from her phone. She also punctured tyre of Shalini’s car. On the way Yohan got a call from Mahira. She asks him where he had been. He told about returning back by night and he has a surprise.

Yohan told Sejal that she was world’s best wife and knew how much Yohan loves her so she never felt insecure. Veera and Arun planned to do engagement along with Janmashtami. It will be interesting to see how their plans fail when Yohan comes home with pregnant Sejal.

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