Tera Mera Saath Rahe 14th September 2021 Written Update: Ashi determines to take revenge from Mithila


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The episode starts with Mithila angrily says to Ashi it’s her who ordered everything but Gopika is the one who faced false allegations on her and asks Ashi to tell that it’s her who ordered the things right. Ashi tells infront of everyone it’s her who ordered the things. She then thinks to herself before Mithila throws her out she has to do something so she tells everyone that she bought all these things for Gopika only. Gopika gets confused and looks at Ashi.

Ashi tells that she is worried that they might get angry that’s why she didnt tell anything before. Mithila asks Ashi why she didn’t told anything even after they have asked and because of her Gopika had to hear a lot Unnecessarily and looks at Saksham. Minal asks Mithila to forgive Ashi. Mithila tells that Ashi has to ask forgiveness. Ashi says okay and goes to Mithila but Mithila stops her and tells that she has to apologise to Gopika because it’s her who had gone through all this.

Gopika tells Mithila that it’s okay she dont want Ashi to apologise to her but Mithila tells it’s her decision so Gopika doesn’t say anything. Ashi says to Gopika sorry. Mithila tells Ashi that she has to hold Gopika’s leg and ask her forgiveness. Everyone gets shocked. Gopika tells Mithila it’s not needed because Ashi is her sister. Mithila tells that if one sister can touch other sisters leg for massage then why not now Ashi cant hold Gopika’s leg. She then tells Ashi to do what she asked her to saying she may be elder that Gopika but Gopike is the first daughter in law of this house.

Ashi goes and holds Gopika’s leg and tells sorry. Gopika makes Ashi stand and tells its okay. Mithila tells Saksham now the truth is out so he cant make excuse to not to participate in this ritual and tells that it’s not Ashi but Gopika who will give welcome speech and introduce the family members infront of everyone and asks to gey ready and leaves the place. One of the lady in the party tells the other one that Thejal posted in her social media that her sister in law is going to give speech but dont know who it is.

Thejal sees Ramila showing everyone the necklace that Chirag bought her and Proudly saying it’s her son in law who bought her. Thejal intervenes and tells Ramila that her daughter done a shopping for eleven lakhs worth things compared to that what her brother bought her is nothing. Ramila tells that she knows Gopika is but Thejal interupts her and tells they all got to know its Ashi. Ramila gets worried. Thejal asks her to have drink and leaves the place. Ramila worries that Ashi must be angry so she thinks that she is going to do something and asks God to help her to stop Ashi.

Gopika in her room thinks that she has to give the speech that too in English and wonders how she is going to. She decides to ask Saksham. Saksham in his mobile gives a voice Instruction to download a file and goes to the washroom after it gets downloaded. Gopika gets an idea and takes Saksham’s mobile also apologises for taking this without his permission and talks to the app to translate her speech. Ashi in her room gets ready.

Chirag comes there and tells that he knows she is suffering a lot in this house and takes the gift he bought for her but Ashi hears Gopika is preparing for her speech so she ignores Chirag and opens the door and finds Gopika outside her room. Gopika tells Ashi that she used Saksham’s mobile to translate her speech. Ashi tells Gopika that her speech is totally wrong so she will help her. Gopika gets happy and thanks Ashi and takes Ashi with her to the room. Ashi thinks for the insults she has gone through because of Mithila and the way she is praising Gopika she will make sure that she gets humiliated infront of everyone.

Minal and Keshav greets the guests. One lady asks are they planning on showing their daughter in law to them or not. The other lady that she wants to see who impressed Mithila ans become Saksham’s wife. Another one lady tells that she wants to see how classy their daughter in law’s are and what is so special. Mithila comes there and tells that her daughter in law Gopika is a Loving kind also a well educated person who also knows the value of relationships. She also tells that Gopika will give the welcome speech and they will get to know her choice for her son will never goes wrong.

Minal then takes all the ladies other side. Keshav scolds Mithila saying there is no need to talk to their guests this way also asks her not to be overconfident saying if anything goes wrong they have to face humiliation. Mithila says to Keshav that she is sure her daughter in law will make her proud.

Gopika reads am Gopika and am a loser from the notepad she has and asks Ashi it means she is a daughter in law of the house right. Ashi says yes she is right. Gopika asks Ashi how to say this house is a Heaven in English. Ashi tells Gopika to write this house is prison. She then tells now Mithila mother in law is like a mother so asks Gopika to write in her notepad her mother in law is a big frog. Gopika notes it down. Ashi then tells now she has to talk about her husband Saksham in a respective way and asks her to write that her husband is an angry big gorilla.

Gopika questions Ashi the word angry but Ashi tells that English words always has two meanings and here this angry word meant Saksham’s business success. Gopika thanks Ashi for helping her saying that she dont want to disappoint Mithila who has so much hope on her. Ashi thinks that today is the last day for Gopika in the Modi Bhawan. Ramila wonders what she is going to do to cool down Ashi before she do something while eating the snacks saying the mind will work when the stomach is full only. She sees Ashi and Chirag is coming so she asks the reporters to go and cover them. Reporters goes there and calls Ashi as Gopika.

Ashi tells them that she is Mrs.Ashi Chirag Modi. The reporters tells that they are here for Gopika they wants to ask her few questions. Ramila gets worried. Ashi smiles at them then goes to her mom. Ramila asks Ashi why she looks happy after all the insults she has gone through. Then they sees Saksham and Gopika is coming downstairs. The reporters goes and asks Gopika how she is feeling becoming Saksham’s wife? Is she is happy with him? Gopika looks at Saksham and smiles. Then the reporters asks them to pose for the pictures.

Mithila comes there and asks them to wait saying Gopika is going to give the speech. Ramila looks at Ashi and wonders why she looks happy after all the insults. She asks Ashi to which Ashi tells her how she misguided Gopika. Ramila gets shocked and worried. Mithila thanks everyone from coming to their house and tells that Gopika will give the speech. Ashi gets happy. Gopika smiles at everyone from the stage.

Precap: Mithila looks at Gopika expectantly. Gopika tells welcome ladies and gentlemen. Ashi gets happy and thinks that this is the last day for Gopika in Modi Bhawan. Ramila looks scared.

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