Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 12th January 2022 Written Update: Krisha decides to leave Devraj


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Episode starts with Jaya checking on mysterious women and says that she is ill. Devraj gets worried for her, while Jaya reminds Devraj about the rituals he have to perform with Krisha. He gets furious stating that he don’t want to celebrate his birthday without Maya. He shows his frustration, while Krisha hears their conversation hiding behind. Suddenly, a box falls from her hand and Devraj comes there hearing the loud noise. He confronts her, while she handles the situation stating that she just wanted to discuss about the rituals. She goes from there without letting him get suspicious on her.

Here, Rati feels restless and goes for a walk. She sees Ugra and Naina asking a man to release Raghav from the jail. She says that afterwards she will look after his son. Rati gets shocked, while Ugra also gets stunned seeing her. Rati faces them and acts that she can’t able to hear anything. Ugra and Naina smiles seeing their medicine working. They makes fun of Rati and fakes their concern for her. Meanwhile, Rati hears their plan and gets careful.

Krisha thinks that Maya must have killed someone and so to save her Devraj had burned the car. And, to make sure she doesn’t get arrested he have kept her inside secret room. She thinks that he is planning to blame her for Maya’s crime. She determines not to bear punishment for Maya’s deed and decides to leave from there.

Elsewhere, Krisha remembers her moments with Devraj and cries. She packs her bags and says that after two days she will get away from Devraj’s life and can’t able to see him anymore. At that time Devraj comes there and ask if she wanted to talk about the rituals? She ask him that what gifts he want? To which he replies that she can give anything which she can afford.

Rati tells about Ugra’s plan and says that how she was giving her spiked drinks. Krisha gets worried about Rati and says that she was doubtful about Ugra’s changed behaviour. Meanwhile, Ugra comes there tries to make Rati drink the spiked juice, but Krisha snatched it and drinks it saying tht she have eaten spicy food.

Ahead, Ugra gets shocked seeing Krisha drinking the juice, while latter assures that she will give another juice to Rati. Rati shows her gratitude towards Krisha for saving her, while latter says that something bad is happening with both of them. She says that they both have to help one another and also decides to include Aarav.

Rati and Krisha shares their matter with Aarav and pretends to work on decoration along with him to avoid others suspicions. Jaya and Devraj sees them but ignores thinking that they are decorating for the function. Krisha tells about Maya being alive, while others gets shocked. Krisha says that they have to help her and determines to expose Maya in front of everyone.

Further, Jaya gives haldi to Krisha and ask her to apply it to Devraj as per the ritual. She goes towards Devraj and starts applying it on his body “Yeh Lal Ishq” song plays. Both looks at each other intensely, while Krisha shivers feeling his closeness.

The end.

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