Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 27th February 2023 Written Update: Isha is protected by a bracelet


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Episode starts with an intimidating scene where Veer threats Isha and Mehek. They can’t understand what’s he is going to do. When they were forced to go somewhere else, then Armaan comes in front of him, but Veer showcases his power and in a megalomaniac tone he expresses his willing power. Armaan says he only knows about Kavya, he also threats about Kavya if he will evacuate the name of Kavya, if he doesn’t listen him. He also asks Veer go away. Getting the point of Armaan, Veer leaves. When Armaan asks Isha for having some time, Isha disagrees to spend with time with Armman. Mehek doesn’t understand anything about what’s going on. Isha says she will say everything later.

Isha throughly reminds the close moments between herself and Armaan. She can’t fathom what she wants from Armaan and also from herself. She doesn’t want to drag her family on the shore of this destructive situation. As Armaan told her to talk with her personally, she thinks to go for tête-à-tête. As she wants to know the truth, she couldn’t control her curiosity. Armaan waits for Isha, he tells himself that he will not let anything to do with Isha. Hearing some weird sound, he comes out. He notices a carriage is coming towards his palace. Kavya comes down and again seducing him, but it was his illusion. In the next day, Isha is asked apology for the whole incident. Isha says she won’t bear any danger or threatening to her family.
When Isha is about to leave, she is asked to express her heart. Isha says to Armaan
Armaan holds her hand to listen him for once, asks her to come in the cafe. He promises he will answer every question of her. Isha returns to her home, lies down on the bed but can’t sleep.

Here, in the night, Veer catches a girl, Sarah. Seeing the bite sign of Sarah, Veer identifes that she is Sarah. Realising that Sarah is not a normal girl, again he bites on her shoulder. In the morning, Isha gets fresh in the room of Veer and can’t understand how did she there. Again Veer bites on her shoulder and sucks blood. Isha comes in a cafe, for the meeting with Armaan. Armaan apologizes to Isha for everything, how Veer badly behaved with Isha and her friends. Isha asks about his world and wants to know everything about Armaan. She also asks Armaan how does he feed himself. He tells that he doesn’t eat human, but animals. Armaan says Cherry is safe. Isha asks him if there any werewolf left in this town. Armaan says there is no werewolves live in this except they two brothers.
Isha is asked not to tell anything about all these secrets to anyone. Isha feels and tensed pressurized hearing the words from Armaan. Armaan says he will not force anything to her.

Armaan and Isha both come in a old place. Armaan says they did live there. He recalls how they used to spend their time in this place. Oneday, Kavya offers them to play with her. Again, on asking of questions of Isha, Armaan answers her every questions.
Isha asks why did they both brother love the same girl. Armaan explains how exceptional she was. When Veer was about to left the town, Kavya asked him to stay there and again offered them to spend time with her.

Armaan expresses his immense love for Kavya. How aggressive Veer was for Kavya. Here, being intoxicated, Veer recalls of Armaan. Sarah loses her sense in the couch of Veer, which is a vintage couch. Veer cuts his own hand and takes out the blood of himself, and asks Sarah to drink that blood. Sarah having the blood, gets her sense. after taking a shower, Sarah questions Veer how did they come here. Veer describes how he killed all of her friends. And as she is a strong lady, he brings her here. Sarah gets addicted for the blood of Veer. Veer also asks some blood from Sarah also.

Here, Armaan explains how fraud Kavya was. She was seductive but not trustworthy. When Armaan wanted to spend his life with Kavya, Kavya sucked his blood. In the next morning, Kavya showed her original bloody identity and also Armaan is asked not to express anything about her to anyone. Kavya wanted both of them and wanted to play with their heart.

Here, Maya conspires how they would reach to the werewolves. Then Anand comes and he is asked to help to find out the werewolves. They fear how they would control the werewolves with some old gun machines. They prepare the machine for killing werewolves. Here, Sarah unboxes her own heart to Veer, how she was spending her whole in a boring manner. Sarah starts to dance in joy. Sarah when mentions Vihaan, Veer becomes aggressive internally. When Sarah asks Veer why didn’t he fall in love with anyone and what was his fear. Veer expresses that he fears to lose the love. They both start to dance together, disarraging the surrounding things.

Veer sighs at his own luck. Sarah, here, also shares how damaged she was. Veer consoles her situation in a polite way, Veer identifes her weekness and he wants to give a ultimate peace, death. But from awakening from the death, Sarah is invoked by Veer. He invokes Sarah to drink the blood of human. Sarah doesn’t understand what’s going on. She wants to leave the place and go home. She is also invoked to go the the home of Vihaan by Veer. Here, Anand is given some special instruments to kill the werewolves. Here, Sarah comes to meet Vihaan, when Vihaan hugs her, she goes to suck his blood but can’t. Isha doesn’t bear the loud sound of Vihaan. She grabs some pizzas and swallows them. Isha fears if she also get captivated by those werewolves, Armaan gifts her a bracelet to protect herself.
Episode ends.

Precap: Armaan alerts Sarah about her alarming attitude. Armaan informs Isha how Sarah is being transferred into a wolves. Isha fears if Sarah

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