Teri Meri Doriyaann 10th February 2023 Written Update: Ajith requests Angad


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The episode starts with Angad saying to Mandeep and the rest of Brar’s that he will go and look for Seerat. Jaspal asks Santosh not to mind Mandeep’s behaviour as Angad canceled a very important event to come here. Jasleen talks to Jabjyot and says this is not a meeting that they have to do it on time. Mandeep comments on what Jasleen said. Jabjyot asks Mandeep to stay here for some time. Mandeep agrees and says they will wait for 5 min for Seerat.

Angad comes out and sees Sahiba and Seerat. Angad asks Sahiba what is she doing here?

Veer drops Kirat at the place she wants. Veer gets down of his car and asks Kirat for directions. Kirat tells Veer the directions without allowing Veer saying the address. Veer questions Kirat about it. Kirat comments on it.

Santosh says to Seerat that she finally came. Angad asks Sahiba why does he always find her wherever he goes? Angad asks Seerat if she knows Sahiba? Mandeep asks Angad to leave it. Angad says Sahiba is creating all this drama as she comes wherever he is about to go. Mandeep says she doesn’t understand. Angad says he understood what is happening. Angad blames Sahiba for Seerat coming late. Angad says to Mandeep that Sahiba is stalking him and now she is stalking Seerat also. Mandeep asks Angad what is Sahiba’s connection with Seerat. Angad comments on it. Sahiba stays silent and doesn’t say anything against Angad’s accusations. Santosh comes to Ajith and tells him not to speak anything right now. Angad questions Sahiba what does she want as he gave her the money yesterday and reminds what she did. Sahiba says to Angad that he is misunderstanding her. Angad comments on Sahiba and says he will file a complaint against her to the police if she goes near Seerat again.

Ajith questions Santosh how can she allow Angad to accuse Sahiba like this. Ajith reminds Santosh that whatever they are today is because of Sahiba. Santosh says she knows and comments on it. Ajith tries to stop Angad from accusing Sahiba but Santosh stops Ajith from going to Angad.

Mandeep takes Angad to calm him down and says to Angad that she will talk to Sahiba and asks him not to talk. Seerat asks Sahiba to leave and says this is all happening because of her. Santosh comes and reminds Seerat that all this is happening because of her and says Sahiba is taking the blame for her. Mandeep asks Sahiba why does she try to trouble Angad. Sahiba makes up a reason for it. Angad comes and says she is lying. Santosh covers up for Sahiba and gives money to Sahiba and asks her to leave. Angad reminds Santosh to stay away from Sahiba. Angad humiliates Sahiba infront of the Mongas. Angad warns Sahiba and asks her to leave. Ajith says to Angad that Sahiba is someone’s daughter and asks Angad not to humiliate Sahiba. Sahiba thanks Ajith and leaves from there.

Episode ends

Precap – Mandeep will say to Santosh that they like Seerat very much and says if she doesn’t mind they would like to give wedding Chunri to Seerat. Jaspal says pre engagement ceremony should happen before it.Jabjyot agrees. The Brar’s welcome guests who came to the pre engagement ceremony. Ajith say to Sahiba that something bad happened on the phone.

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