Thapki Pyar Ki 2 11th March 2022 Written Update: Purab confronts Thapki


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 11th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Swapna asking why has Sawri Ji worn Thapki’s clothes. Purab asks the same. Thapki says when she was coming here some children have spoiled my dress and your wife Thapki has given me this dress. Thapki says she will come right away and leaves them. Dadi says see Veena you always find fault with Thapki. Jaya asks Anshul has the holy celebration has been good. Anshul replies yes. Jaya watches TV and the TV anchor says Veena records new singer who might even surpass Veena Ji’s voice. Jaya says Thapki has already achieved her goal and she just hopes that her family understands her. Anshul says Thapki has to tell the truth to make them understand her. Jaya sees Maata Rani and says she is with Thapki and she will get everything she deserves.

Urvashi sees herself in the mirror and thinks her face is shining with Preethi’s facial and she thinks to use Preethi’s perfume. She opens the cupboard and notices Preethi’s cupboard is empty and she smells her cream. Preethi runs behind Urvashi with a broom assuming she is the one who beat her then she notices her things are missing and questions Urvashi for her things. Anshul says Thapki has to get the credit now itself not in the future. Thapki thanks Maata rani for her help. Her veil gets removed from her face. Purab didn’t see her because of the call. She leaves from there taking her Duvvet.

Sapna asks Sagar why he supported Priyanka. Sagar tells he doesn’t know about it and tells her that Priyanka is having affair with her college friend. Sapna says Priyanka is not having affairs like you and I know about both of you guys. Priyanka hears them and finds that Sapna knows about his affair and thinks to teach them a lesson. Sapna tells him Priyanka is not a cheater and she asks him to give his time to his wife. Sapna eats food. Priyanka tells Sapna that her friend mixed poison in her in laws food finding they know about her husband’s affair and I stopped her and do you think they are correct. Sapna says maybe they don’t want their relationship to be get broken. Priyanka tells her she will inform it to her friend. She thinks sasu Mom did it to save my relationship with Sagar but I won’t leave Sagar and Preethi.

Thapki covers her face with a dupatta. Purab pulls it off and sees she is Thapki. He recalls everything and says this means you are Sawri Devi. Thapki says listen to me, I did this for our family. Purab says you lied before and now also you will lie and you know how to manipulate people and questions why she didn’t help them as Thapki if she wants to. Thapki says I came to talk with you but you didn’t even like to listen to me and I become Sawri to help the company. Purab says you may did it for money. Thapki says if your heart feels so I am leaving. Purab stops her and says now you will answer to my questions only, and what about all the wedding drama, hurting everyone, even dadi had accepted you, you are the one I loved. He stops in the middle. Thapki says glad we didn’t confess our love, I tried my best to tell you but you didn’t trust me and there is no love without trust and that’s the reason I’m failing to prove my innocence, I admit that I did the mistake of not revealing matters at the correct time but you didn’t support me when it’s needed and glad we didn’t tell those 3 words. Purab asks her to not divert the situation and asks her to answer his questions. Thapki says Hansika is the answer to your questions.

Episode ends.

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