Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 25th February 2022 Written Update: Bolti misses Kajol’s Sangeet ceremony.

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 25th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chandana telling Bishu that finally Kajol is getting married to her love. Sharmila tells Anjali’s picture to bless Anurag and Misti as they are finally getting married after so much difficulties. Anurag’s father blesses Anurag and tells he wanted Anurag’s wedding to be grand. Sharmila tells what can we do if Anurag wants to keep it simple. Anu tells Kajol you should sing for us today because who is going to sing after you leave. Anurag requests Kajol to sing. Chandrika tells my lovely sister is going to sing on the request of my jiju. Kajol sings and gets emotional. Thakur Maa thinks if Naina is here why isn’t Bolti here and asks Naina her father-in-law is ill and still she is here? Naina tells Bolti stayed to take care of her father as she was feeling guilty.

Apu thinks Bolti is not here here although she promised to come before function. Apu tells something is strange as he called her so many times but she did not receive and she never does so. Apu calls Bolti again and asks if everything is fine? Bolti tells she was busy with her father and she is sorry that she couldn’t attend Kajol’s sangeet ceremony. Chandana tells Anurag to sit she will bring food for him. Kajol tells it is so strange that Bolti is not here. Chandana tells Kajol did you forget how much you used to care for your father? Kajol tells to think logically if Arjun is here why isn’t Bolti here,Shreya could have taken care of her father-in-law. Apu tells he talked with Bolti and she is fine but busy.

Kajol gets worried about Bolti and misses her. Kajol’s family does her ceremony. Kaushik tells Kajol is not your sister but your kidnapper. Bolti tells Kaushik to let her receive the call. Anandita tells Kajol will not have doubt but be shocked when we send the divorce papers. Kaushik tells Bolti to make any excuse next time Kajol calls and threatens to kill Apu. Kaushik tells on her last wedding Kajol’s father died and this time her brother will die and she will remain unmarried again. Bolti tells Kajol she wanted to come in functions but her father is not well so she couldn’t.

Kajol asks Bolti if she was crying and is everything okay? Bolti tells Kajol to take care of Apu. Kajol gets worried about Bolti and thinks she is in some difficulty. Kajol calls Anurag and tells she wants to talk something serious. Kajol tells Anurag she knows there might be a lot of functions but can he go out? Kajol tells she was suspicious about Bolti but now she is sure that Kaushik faked his heart attack and has kept Bolti under house arrest. Kajol asks Anurag can he go to Kaushik’s farmhouse and check? The episode ends with Anurag telling Kajol he will go and check.

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