Rishton Ka Manjha 25th February 2022 Written Update: Karan shouts at Luv and Niharika


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The episode starts with Arjun coming to court with policemen. Diya asks him how he got hurt. If Police did this to him. Arjun says he will explain everything later. Niharika gets nervous saying she never went to a court. Luv cheers her up saying she just have to lie with confidence that Arjun stole 2 lakh from her cupboard. Niharika tells Diya that she knows the latter only stole the property papers, she won’t spare Diya for that. Diya says Arjun will get released today and they should worry after that. Madhuri taunts Luv for betraying his own family.

Karan calls Kavita and says Arjun is fighting his own case as he has no choice left. Kavita says Arjun will surely go to jail and then she will teach lesson to Diya. Karan tells her to be careful. Kavita says she is smarter than Diya. Judge asks Arjun if he wants to fight his own case. Arjun says if he permits him then he will. The opponent lawyer submits proofs against Arjun saying he stole the money from Niharika’s cupboard and the notes of same serial numbers have been found in Arjun’s house. Arjun thinks he will give his best to prove his innocence. Arjun shares about the incident five years ago, how Karan got jealous of him and put false drug allegations on him. Arjun says Karan provoked Luv and Niharika that result in they betrayed their own family. They snatched their property and threw them out. Arjun says he went to take his own money but could not find them that day.

The opponent’s lawyer says Arjun is misleading the court when he only stole the money. Arjun says if that’s true then they should ask Niharika and Luv about the source of the money which got stolen. They should also submit a bank statement to prove that the money belongs to them. Arjun says this case too many loopholes and Niharika, Luv can’t claim the money as their own as they snatched it from him only. Arjun asks for his bail saying the case needs proper investigation and he will cooperate in it. The opponent lawyer tells the judge to reject the bail as without custody the investigation can’t happen. Judge grants the bail saying the investigation won’t be hampered because of it. Diya and Madhuri get delighted and meet Arjun. Diya says she knew Arjun won’t fail. Arjun gives her the credits.

Kavita informs Karan everything and the latter gets furious. He says how can Arjun get bail. Karan shouts at Luv and Niharika for such a stupid plan. Luv says it was Karan’s idea to send Arjun to jail. Karan says but they didn’t discuss the plan with him and filed complaint. At first they have to find the source of the money. Niharika says she doesnt want to go to jail. The car owner is also threatening her. Kavita says Arjun will do something for sure to come back to badminton world. He won’t stop due to his broken hand as he is really stubborn. Amitabh asks Arjun how he got injured. Arjun tells him not to worry. Amitabh says he was really stressed. Arjun says but they have to find a way to get back the property from Luv and Niharika. Amitabh says he doesn’t want anything from them but he wants a peaceful life. Diya says Luv and Niharika will get punished for their deed and Amitabh will get what belongs to him. Diya asks Arjun if he is in pain. Arjun says he is angry and he wants to teach lesson to Karan. Diya asks him to recover fast then he will be able to teach lesson to Karan in badminton court. Diya says she is with him always.

Episode ends

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