Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani Upcoming Story: Why did Anurag come to Kajol’s house?


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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is the story of a girl’s struggle in her life. The story is about how Kajol,who tries to keep everyone happy finds her happiness. Anurag came into Kajol’s life and wished to give her everything she deserved but Priyanka blackmails Anurag to marry her if he wants to keep Kajol safe.

Will Kajol find out Anurag’s sacrifice? Will Priyanka be successful in her plan? Will Anurag find a way out of this blackmail? Will Naina make a position for herself in her in-law’s house?

Bolti thought if her dad is stubborn she is also stubborn and if not Apu than no one else. Bolti looked at her ceiling fan is about to commit suicide. Shreya opened the door to Bolti’s room and thinks she hopes Bolti will be smart enough to run away. Bolti’s noticed the open door and ran out of the house. Anurag requested radio to play his song with a message. Anurag told maybe his love couldn’t be fulfilled but his love will always be there. Kajol listened to this and the song requested by Anurag. Anurag and Kajol recalled their moments in past.

The cab driver thought of taking advantage of Bolti and turned the car in another direction. Bolti tried to fight him as the cab driver tried to take advantage of her. Anandita noticed Bolti missing from her room and calls everyone. Kaushik got angry and called the security to investigate the matter. Shreya told she went to investigate in Bolti’s room and found Naina’s earrings there.

Naina tried to defend herself and said if she wanted to help Bolti why would she even tell everyone about their relationship? Anandita told Apu is her brother and related to her by blood so that is a very good motive for her to help Bolti escape. Anurag saved Bolti beat the cab driver but he ran away. Bolti hugs Anurag and told him about her love story. Anurag brought Bolti to Kajol’s house. Kajol promised Apu and Bolti to unite them.

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