Udaariyaan 10th February 2023 Written Update: Ekam fails to find Nehmat


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The episode starts with Ekam finding that there’s a basement in the Kapoor’s house. He asks Shamsher why he didn’t tell him that there’s a basement in their house. Ekam asks how to go to the basement. As Shamsher doesn’t answer, Ekam decides to find it by himself. He goes inside the house again with his police team. Shamsher and Rama grow anxious about getting caught.

Ekam and his police team reach the basement. Shamsher and Rama also arrive their. To their surprise Nehmat and Advait aren’t there. Ekam searches every corner of the basement for Nehmat. Advait is shown hiding and watching Ekam which the latter doesn’t notice. A FB shows how Advait silences Nehmat by injecting her sedative and hides her. Ekam goes close to the where Nehmat has been hidden, but he fails to see her. Shamsher notices Nehmat’s reflection in the mirror. He diverts Ekam from looking towards that side. He threatens Ekam to get suspended once his party win the election. Ekam swears to find Nehmat before that. He says that Shamsher is trying to hide some truth and vows to find it out.

Naaz phones Satti and complains about Ekam coming to her in-laws and puts the house upside and down searching for Nehmat which angered in-laws. Rupy hears this. Advait threatens Nehmat to kill her if she doesn’t corporate with him. Nehmat thinks of escaping from there somehow. Harleen makes a video call to Jasmine. Renuka talks to Jasmine about Harleen and Ekam’s alliance. Jasmine insults Renuka by saying that she’s getting marriage proposal from elites for Harleen. The latter snatches the phone and hangs the call by saying to Jasmine that she will talk to her later. Renuka asks Harleen if Jasmine is against her and Ekam’s alliance. Harleen assures Renuka that she will convince Jasmine.

Ekam wonders how it could be possible that Advait and Nehmat aren’t in Kapoor’s house when Advait’s phone location shows that he is there. Just then, Rupy arrives there. He asks Ekam about forcibly searching for Nehmat in Kapoor’s house. He requests Ekam to stop worrying about Nehmat as she’s married now. He says that Nehmat is trying to keep her marriage and his behavior making her efforts vain. He requests Ekam to forget Nehmat for her sake. Ekam recalls Advait misbehaving with Nehmat. Ekam says to Rupy that he is doing everything for Nehmat’s safety. Rupy gets angry and asks Ekam to leave Nehmat handle problems. He says that Shamsher could get angry at Ekam and take any action against him which he never wants to happen. Renuka hears this.

Renuka slaps Ekam and scolds him for searching in Nehmat’s in-laws house. Mallika gets shocked to hear this. Mallika also scolds Ekam and asks if he had a search warrant. Ekam says that he doesn’t need it to find Nehmat. Mallika scolds Ekam and says that’ he could lose his job. Ekam says that he doesn’t care. Renuka scolds Ekam for worrying about Nehmat who is responsible for Rajveer’s death and who broke Mallika’s wedding. Ekam refuses to stop searching for Nehmat till he finds her. He adds that he remembers his promise and tries to move on in his life. He asks how he can prove her this. Renuka asks Ekam to marry Harleen, shocking Ekam. The latter receives a call. He gets shocked and urgently leave ignoring Renuka who asks him to stop. Mallika says to Renuka that she’s doing right and this is the way to distance Ekam from Nehmat.

Advait waits Shamsher leave the house. After Shamsher left, Advait asks the nurse to inject another injection to Nehmat. The nurse says that it could be risky for her life. Advait says that he doesn’t care about it. Rama arrives there and scolds Advait. The latter gets adamant to go out as he is becoming mad by staying there. Rama says that Shamsher will get angry if he learns this. Advait says that Shamsher just left. He assures to return once his mind gets cleared. Rama asks to handle here till he returns.

Advait covers his face and gets ready to leave. Meanwhile, Nehmat gains consciousness. She attacks the nurse and tries to escape. Rama hears some noice and goes to the basement to check. On hearing Rama, Nehmat pretends to be unconscious. Rama hears water sound in the washroom. She thinks that the nurse in there. She asks the nurse not to make any noise. She leaves. Nehmat manages to gets out of the basement through the window. She hides on seeing Advait. Advait fails to see Nehmat and drives off. Advait feels relieved to breathe the fresh air. Nehmat thinks of exposing Advait once getting out of there.

The episode ends.

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