Udaariyaan 18th November 2023 Written Update: Aasmaa gets kidnapped

Udaariyaan 18th November 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Armaan running behind the goons who have stolen his money bag with 15 lakhs but fails to catch them. Armaan calls Tony and informs him that the money bag got stolen. Tony smirks and says that he knew that Armaan is trying to flee with his money and threatens him to return money in due time or else face the consequences. Jaggi calls Armaan and says him that Mr Sharma has already come. The latter says he will come soon. Armaan calls Aasmaa and while she is on call with him, someone comes and kidnaps her.

Armaan hears Aasmaa screaming on call and thinks that Tony’s goons must be hurting her. He recalls about tracker in Aasmaa’s bracelet and finds her location. Aasmaa is shown tied to chair and kept behind barred wires. Armaan reaches there and beats up the goons. He tries to go to free Aasmaa and gets electrocuted. Armaan falls on the ground and goons come there. They hit him and say to repay the money. Armaan requests him them to leave Aasmaa. Aasmaa says he could ask her if he needs money.

The goons ask Armaan to do their work if they want his wife to be free. Armaan agrees to their condition. Aasmaa keeps crying and asks him not to accept the condition as they will make him do something illegal and trap him. Goons ask Armaan to take loaded truck to the border. He agrees to do their work on condition that while he goes he will keep talking to Aasmaa on videocall to ensure her safety. Once Armaan leaves with the truck, goons inform someone about him leaving and will reach border soon. On videocall Armaan sees Aasmaa coughing badly. She falls from the chair and Armaan gets worried for her.

Goons warn Armaan to reach border in time if he wants his wife’s safety. Armaan is driving towards the border when inspector stops him and questions what’s inside the truck. Truck has girls tied up inside. Inspector asks Armaan if he can check the truck and the latter prays that truck should not have anything illegal. Inspector is about to open the back door of truck when cars behind start complaining about traffic so inspector let’s Armaan move ahead with the truck. Inspector wonders why Armaan look worried. He asks constables to follow the truck.

Armaan keeps trying to call Aasmaa but cannot contact her. He prays for her safety. Armaan realises he is being followed by police. Armaan keeps driving to reach border on time while the girl’s are lying unconscious inside the truck. He suddenly hears someone coughing and decides to check the trick once. Armaan opens the door of truck and gets shocked to see it filled up with girls tied up inside. Even Aliya is there. The episode ends with Aasmaa trying to escape goons while Armaan is perplexed to see unconscious Aaliya.

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