Udaariyaan 21st November 2022 Written Update: Nehmat meets Advait


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The episode starts with Nehmat regretting trusting Naaz and not listening to Mallika, who used to caution her about Naaz. Naaz pretends to be innocent and says that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Nehmat says that Naaz published Jayveer’s article as she only knows her laptop’s password. She asks Naaz why she did it. Naaz denies the allegation. Nehmat says to Naaz that she is lying and reminds her of stealing Ekam’s grandmother’s earrings and mortgaging them. Naaz asks what she will get by doing this. Nehmat remembers Naaz’s challenge to her and Mallika. Nehmat reminds Naaz the same. Nehmat takes scissors and Naaz’s lehenga. Naaz says that Nehmat has gone mad. Nehmat shouts that she is gone mad as everyone is blaming her and the person whom she loves the most is in pain. Nehmat threatens to cut it if Naaz doesn’t tell the truth. Naaz snatches the lehenga from Nehmat’s hand and runs downstairs. Nehmat goes after Naaz

Naaz complains to Satti about Nehmat. She says that Naaz is gone mad and accuses her falsely. Nehmat denies this and blames Naaz for Jayveer’s death. Naaz sheds crocodile tears and hugs Satti. Nehmat fights with Naaz, asking her to tell the truth. Satti separates Naaz and Nehmat. Nehmat says to Satti to question Naaz about her action. Shelly shouts at Nehmat and asks Naaz what happened. Naaz says that Nehmat accuses her of publishing Jayveer’s article. Shelly scolds Nehmat for accusing Naaz, who always cares about her. Satti calms Nehmat down and asks why Naaz would do so. Shelly asks if Nehmat has any proof that Naaz did. Nehmat says that she didn’t have any proof. Satti says to Nehmat that her and Naaz’s sister’s bond can be affected if she accuses her without any proof. Naaz complains that Ekam and Mallika, who tried to break her relationship with Nikhil, are important to Nehmat. Nehmat takes Naaz’s hands and asks her to hit her. Satti calms Nehmat down. Nehmat says that the article was on her laptop and asks who else could have published it if it wasn’t Naaz. Naaz thinks of clearing Nehmat’s doubts. Naaz says that wherever Nehmat goes, she takes her laptop with her. She says that Nehmat even took her laptop with her to Shimla and maybe her colleague, who helped her, could have done it. Nehmat wonders why Advait would have done it. Naaz decides not to stay with Nehmat in her room till she gets married. Satti hugs Nehmat and assures her that everything will be fine.

Jasmine lands in India. Jasmine recalls her past. She says that she has returned after 16 years and will prove at Naaz’s wedding that she can still make everyone dance to her tune. On the other hand, Naaz’s bragging about herself about not leaving any evidence against her after publishing Jayveer’s article. She looks at Advait and Nehmat’s photo on her phone and says that she has a foolproof way to break Nehmat and Ekam’s relationship forever. Naaz thanks Jasmine, who taught her everything in just seven years that she was with her. She says that Jasmine’s tactics always work and she gets everything she wants, whether it’s Nikhil’s alliance or Nehmat’s destruction.

Jasmine is traveling in the car. She sees different places that she has already visited and recalls her past moments. She stops in front of Sandhus’ house and recalls her moments with Tejo and Rupy throwing her out of the house. She gets emotional. She composes herself. She asks the driver to leave. Just then, Nehmat comes out of Sandhus’ house recalling Naaz’s words. Nehmat is about to be hit by Jasmine’s car. She stops. The driver scolds her. Jasmine notices Nehmat and wears her cooling glasses to hide her face. Nehmat doesn’t notice Jasmine. She apologizes and leaves in the auto. Jasmine says that she has come to protect Naaz’s happiness from Nehmat.

Rupy meets Shamsher and Advait to talk about Naaz’s wedding. Elam arrives there and greets Shamsher and Advait. Rupy greets Ekam, but he ignores him. Shamsher says that he regrets what happened to him, but they have to move on, so he has called Rupy to discuss the wedding. Rupy says that the wedding is an important phase of life, so it should start in a happy atmosphere, so they should talk openly. Rupy says that they can’t prevent Nehmat from attending Naaz’s wedding. Ekam recalls Renuka’s words. Advait receives Nehmat’s message that she’s waiting outside the house and wants to talk to him. Advait excuses himself and goes to meet Nehmat. Rupy asks whether both Mallika and Naaz’s wedding will happen in the same mandap or not.

Advait asks Nehmat what the matter is, why she’s calling him again and again. Nehmat asks Advait if he posted Jayveer’s article, as when they were in Shimla, she slept, leaving her laptop open. She asks Advait to tell the truth. Advait asks why he would have published it when he came to Shimla with her to postpone it’s publishing by taking risks and lying to Mallika. Here, Ekam says that he isn’t affected by anyone’s presence. He says that the wedding will take place on the same date and in the same place that Jayveer wanted. Ekam takes Shamsher’s leave. Ekam comes out and sees Advait talking with Nehmat.

The episode ends.

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