Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Fateh in a tight spot


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Colors’ much loved show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Tejo learning about Jasmine’s plan to defame Fateh.

In the previous episodes it was seen that Tejo met Fateh secretly. She asked him to train the students secretly for the upcoming football competition. Fateh refused first as Tejo and the students can get in trouble if college management gets to know it. However Fateh agreed when Tejo said that she believe can Fateh’s coaching can make their college team win. Fateh went to train the students lying to his family that he was going for shopping with Buzzo. Jasmine got suspicious and followed Fateh.

She found him training the students and recorded his video. Jasmine met the current coach and bribed him to make his college team lose in the matmatchThe coach got worried about his image. Jasmine assured him that she will blame Fateh for training the students wrongly and she has proof for that.

The match began in the college. Jasmine came there to see the match. Fateh was watching match live on his phone sitting in his car. Fateh got shocked that his students weren’t not applying his strategy and performing badly. Tejo overheard the coach and Jasmine’s conversation and learned about Jasmine’s plan. Tejo informed Fateh Jasmine’s plan and asked him to help the students while she will handle the coach.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo will make the coach unconscious and will tie him up with the help of a college lady staff. Fateh will come as the coach. The principal will call him out. Fateh will get nervous and will try to hide his face with the cap he is wearing when the principal will come towards him. Tejo will look worried.

What will happen next?

Will the principal see Fateh?

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