Udaariyan 21st January 2023 Written Update: Ekam questions Nehmat


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The episode starts with Nehmat seeing Ekam dancing with a girl. She can’t see her face as her back is facing towards her. Satti arrives there and sends Nehmat from there. Satti sees Harleen and stands shocked. Rupy arrives there. He is also shocked to see Harleen. Rupy and Satti discuss that the girl resembles to Jasmine. On the other side, Advait shows Veronica’s photo to the guards and asks them to make sure that she doesn’t enter the party. Nehmat notices that Advait is worried and wonders what the matter is. Veronica enters the party covering her face with the duppata. Advait and Shamsher discuss Veronica. Advait is stressed recalling Veronica’s threat. Shamsher says that he has a plan and he will handle her if she arrives. He asks Advait to take care of Nehmat and shows off to the media how much he loves her.

Veronica sees Advait. She thinks that she will defame him in the party when the right time comes. Ekam goes to Nehmat. Nehmat asks Ekam what he is doing in the party and reminds him that he isn’t Advait’s bodyguard anymore. Ekam says that Shamsher invited the whole police department so he has come. Ekam asks Nehmat why she returned to Advait, if someone threatened her. Nehmat denies it. She says that Advait is her husband, so he she gave him a second chance. She advises Ekam to move on in his life like her. She thanks Ekam for his help and apologizes to him for her rude behavior towards him. Ekam says that he didn’t get his answer for Nehmat returning to Advait who cheated on her. Nehmat says that Advait is her husband and she wants to save her marriage. Ekam says that she’s lying. She denies. Ekam asks if she has any proof to prove her words. Nehmat asks Ekam to wait. She says that time will give answer for his question and proof as well. Harleen sees them hiding. Nehmat leaves. Harleen thinks that Nehmat is still after Ekam and she doesn’t want Ekam to move on in his life. Harleen thinks of talking to Advait about it and thinks that he can’t say no to his first wife.

Sadvik dances in the party. Advait spots Veronica. He follows her, but he misses her. Harleen sees this and wonders why Advait is following that girl. Advait says to Shamsher that she’s here and she’s wearing yellow color duppata. He is sacred that Veronica will break his relationship with Nehmat. Harleen hears this and thinks that if Advait and Nehmat relationship break, there is no hope for her and Ekam’s relationship. Nehmat asks Advait if everything is fine as he seems tensed. Advait assures her that everything is fine.

Nikhil gives intro for Advait and Nehmat’s dance performance. They both dance. Harleen sees Veronica and thinks of finding a solution for her first. She spikes a drink and asks the waiter to give it to Veronica. Advait notices Veronica among the guest and gets down from the stage and searches for her. Nehmat continues to dance looking at Advait with a confused expression. The waiter gives Veronica the spiked drink. Veronica feels dizzy. Jasmine takes Veronica from there.

Harleen takes Veronica and leaves her in a room so that she doesn’t do anything which will break Nehmat and Advait’s relationship. Ekam feels bad on seeing Advait and Nehmat giving interview to the reporters. Harleen watches this. Sadvik goes to Ekam. He advises Ekam to forget Nehmat and starts a new life. He asks Ekam to promise the same. Ekam says that he can’t promise, but he will try. They share a hug. Sadvik takes his leave as he got call that his dad is unwell. Later, Nehmat spots Harleen forcibly feeding pani puri to Ekam. She recalls her feeding pani puri to Ekam and feels sad. Harleen goes to get more pani puri. Ekam recalls his moments with Nehmat and gets sad. He turns around feeling something. Nehmat hides.

Nikhil gives a dance performance. Advait spots Harleen and gets stunned. He wonders what Harleen is doing here. He wonders if Jasmine sent her to break his marriage. He thinks of acting before Harleen.

The episode ends.

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