Vanshaj 16th September 2023 Written Update: Yuvika looks for a nurse

Vanshaj 16th September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvika remembering her dad looking at the hospital bed to which he was admitted. She sees the writing “love you pappa” on the bed and cries. Yuvika recalls the nurse assuring her that her dad would recover soon and Yuvika thanking her after seeing that Riya is written on her badge. A FB of the same shows. Yuvika leaves crying on hearing someone shouting.

Yuvika goes to the receptionist and asks what’s happening in the hospital, as everyone seems worried. The receptionist says that the nurse and the wardboys are on strike and an emergency meeting is conducted about it. Yuvika gets a call. She gets the meeting location from the receptionist and leaves.

On the other hand, Gargi goes to Bhoomi who is preparing sweets. Gargi mocks Bhoomi, asking if she’s preparing it to celebrate Yuvika becoming an assistant. She suggests Bhoomi show Yuvika’s kundali to an astrologer, as Yuvika also faces difficulty in her marriage. She taunts about Bhoomi acting normally despite Yuvika’s marriage being called off. Bhoomi says that marriage is just a step in a girl’s life and it’s not life. She lectures Gargi about it and says that daughters can also be a legacy.

In the meeting, DJ says to the nurses that the patients are suffering because of their strikes. The nurse urges DJ to listen to their demands. DJ threatens them to fire all of them if they don’t get back to their work. A nurse says that they don’t only want the salary, but respect to their work. DJ says that they get money for what they do. The nurse says that in that case they can find it in any other hospital. DJ threatens to make sure that they don’t find a job in any other hospital if they leave their hospital.

DJ asks the nurses to either get back to their work or get out. The nurse says that their hospital’s reputation will be affected, which angers DJ. The nurses are about to leave. But Yuvika stops them and talks to them. She tells about her dad being hospitalized there and the nurse giving them hope. DJ whispers to Yuvika, asking her to stop her middle class drama, since they have to do business here and it’s not possible to accept all their demands. He asks Yuvika to change her strategy and convinces them to go back to their work, giving up on their demands.

Yuvika reads the files and offers the nurses to provide childcare services, as most of them are mothers, which will reduce their financial burden, which shocks DJ. Yuvika asks the nurses if they’re with her. On the other hand, Bhoomi meets Neel and gives him the laddu she prepared since Vidhur likes it. Bhoomi talks to Neel about Yuvika and what she has gone through. Neel recalls Vidhir asking him to stay away from Yuvika. He thinks in mind that it’s not possible. Neel suggests Bhoomi do something which can bring Yuvika’s smile back on her face.

Here, the nurses say that they’re with Yuvika. They go back to work. Dhanraj says to DJ that he wants to talk to him alone. DJ glares at Yuvika before leaving. Dhanraj appreciates Yuvika and leaves. Yuvika asks a nurse about the nurse Riya who took care of her. The nurse Riya arrives. Yuvika says that she’s not the Riya whom she’s talking about. The nurse says that there’s only one Riya who has worked here for 5 years. Riya wonders who that Riya was. She asks the nurse to see the CCTV footage.

A masked man finds the burned car. He phones Vidhur and informs him that he found the car, but it’s burned and the two women are missing. He adds that he learned that Yuvika is looking for the nurse Riya and wants to see the CCTV footage of the night when her dad died. Yuvika starts to have doubts. Vidhur says that Yuvika should never find that footage.

The episode ends.

Precap: Yuvika tells Neel about wanting to check the hospital CCTV footage. Neel steels Vidhur’s ID card to help Yuvika. DJ says to Gargi that he set a tracker on Yuvika’s car and Yuvika is going to Mahajan’s office.

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