Vidrohi 14th October 2021 Written Update: Baxi gets furious after reading Geoffrey’s order


Vidrohi 14th October 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kalyani raising knife in front of Geoffrey and declines his offer. He smirks and comes closer to her. He takes the knife from her and says that he is ready to accept her denial and warns her for the concequences. He gives a looks to Badamba and leaves from there with his soldiers.

Here, Subarna gives all the jewelleries and food to Baxi. She states that all these things will help him during the fight against British. At that time Gadadhar hears their conversation and comes towards them. He gets angry and says that they have snatched his rights to become the leader of the soldiers of their kingdom, but he won’t let them snatch his rights to speak.

Gadadhar denies to support his brother in the war. He says that he wants to live peacefully and stands against his brother’s decision. He also scolds them for donating their good and things. Subarna rebukes him for his mentality. Baxi also gets anxious and was about to say something, but Radha stops him. Gadadhar’s wife also joins him.

Elsewhere, Radha’s parents comes there. Everyone greets them, while latter gets elated seeing them. Radha’s father says that they came as soon as they learns about Maharaja’s release. He talks about Baxi’s battle against the British and advice him to agree for the offer of Geoffrey instead of fighting him. He reminds Baxi about all the loss they will face in the war and states that Britishers can give them lavish life, if he agrees to their demand.

Radha stops her father and warns him not to doubt Baxi’s decision. She says that she will always support her husband, no matter what she have to lose. She states that freedom is far better then any jewellery or clothes. Her father agrees to her and says that he won’t talk about it anymore. They goes from there.

Ahead, Kalyani justifies her actions, while others says that she haven’t done right by coming in front of Geoffrey. She says that she can’t let her kingdom get bend in front of British. She looks at her father and says that they can’t bend in front of their enemy. She also denies to apologise to Geoffrey. At that time she receives a letter from the Britishers and gets shocked learning about their decision.

Baxi also receives a letter and gets dumbstruck seeing the decision of Geoffrey. He tells everyone about and states that they can’t separate them from their tradition. He determines to fight against the decision of British, while his mother blesses them. He leaves along with his soldiers, while Subarna ask Radha that they also have to get ready for the fight.

Further, Kalyani cheers her brother and tries to make him smile. She gifts him a sword and teaches him how to fight. He takes her blessings while she determines to teach a lesson to the British soldiers. Whereas, Gadadhar gets drunk, while his wife advice him to take his property from his family orelse they will donate it for the war. He scolds him and says that it’s not easy.

Geoffrey gets furious remembering about his senior’s words regarding him being a half Britisher. He gets flashes that his own people doesn’t trust him. He wrestles with people to remove his anger, while Baxi comes there and faces him. Baxi denies to follow their order and says that they will keep serving Maharaja. Geoffrey taunts him, Baxi gets furious and takes his sword out whereas Geoffrey points gun on him.

Precap:- Badamba suggest Kalyani to get married for her safety and thinks that who can help them in fighting the British? Meanwhile, Kalyani had a sword fight with Baxi.

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