Woh To Hai Albela 21st January 2023 Written Update: Nakul’s insecurity towards Yash irks Rashmi.


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The episode starts with Nakul taunting Yash and Kanha asks what’s his issue and Why’s he behaving this way with Yash. Nakul accuses Yash for taking his place in the house. Kanha asks if he has gone mad and asks Why’s he behaving like this with Yash too. Saroj reminds him that Yash is the son in law of the house. Nakul says that if he’s son in law then he should behave like one and not take his place. Everyone gets shocked with his accusations. He accuses Yash for stealing his place from the house and leaves angrily while Rashmi enjoys it. Saroj apologizes Yash and leaves behind Nakul. Kanha also asks apology to Yash on behalf of Nakul but Yash says he didn’t mind it and can understand Nakul.

Saroj comes to Nakul and confronts him for his behaviour. She says that before he would only have problems with Kanha but now with Yash too and asks the reason for his behaviour. Nakul says that it’s because he’s invisible to them and doesn’t care about his life. Rashmi thinks that she is getting what she wanted. Nakul says that Kanha is in pain and need their support but also asks if they don’t have to care about him. He says thay even now he wishes to go back to his old self with Kanha but Yash has took his place. Rashmi gets worried that whether things would go back normal. Saroj promises Nakul that everything will be back in it’s original place and comforts him. Dadi Mausi sees Rashmi’s tensed face and wonders if Rashmi is upset that they are reuniting.

Sayuri thinks something and pretends like she’s searching Kuku’s drawing book. She finds it and gets shocked seeing the drawing. Sayuri says that till this time she was walking blindly and didn’t have any lead. She says now she has to find a way to save her daughter. Vikranth comes there and asks Sayuri why she’s always at the back of Kuku. He says that their wedding is going to take place and she doesn’t seem to make any preparations for it. He checks drawing book and Sayuri is scared that he would see the lady and knife drawing.

Just he’s about to see it, he gets a call and Sayuri sighs in relief. She takes it the book to Kuku and slowly asks her about the lady in the drawing. He apologizes in mind for using but feels that she’s the only way for her to learn the truth. Kuku immediately gets scared and runs away seeing Vikranth while spilling coffee on drawing book. Vikranth scolds her when Sayuri asks him to go to market to get wedding dress and make up done. Vikranth stops her saying that he trusts her but Pandit told that she can’t go out with the tied up thread. Sayuri says that she don’t remember him any such thing but Vikranth forbids her from leaving the house before marriage.

Kanha waits outside as he can’t go in and create problems for Sayuri. He waits for her to come out to have conversation with her. Vikranth is in boutique and Yash is following him by connecting Kanha through video call. Vikranth pays a lot to Boutique person and asks him to send some lady to his house to get his wife’s measurements. He comes near the mannequin where Vikranth is hiding and sees him through mirror.

Precap : A lady in hijab will be sent from Boutique and Kanha will replace her when Vikranth is diverted. Kanha will fall down by mistake and his face will be revealed to Sayuri. Vikranth will approach him whose face is on the other hand side.

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